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flea treatment for newborn kittens?

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hey guys - we've got 4 newborn kittens (10 days old) and apparantly their mom has fleas and now all the kittens do too. shes an indoor cat and we use advantage on her but hadn't since she was pregnant and thats probably how she got them.

i am wondering if there is anything safe to put on the kittens now or should i wait till they are a bit older? also is it save to put the advantage and a fresh flea collar on the mom cat or can that affect the kittens?

any help would be appreciated, we want to get this under control!
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palestar- take that flea collar, cut in a few pieces and throw in inside your vacuum bag. It will kill fleas in your vaccum bag, and cause problems with the momcat if she wears it. Flea collars are useless and can even be toxic, so please just throw it away especially around new kittens.

Because fleas will quickly kill kittens by leaving them anemic- you can do something BUT you have to first check with your vet and get the proper medication Kitten Strength Advantage only. Apply 2 drops to the neck of each kitten. Using the base of your thumb, spread those two drops from their neck clear to their tail in a straight line. Wash your hands thoroughly afterward. But again verify this with your vet and get the medicine from him and nowhere else.

edited to thank our kitty savior Kumbulu for this tip
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Please don't put a flea collar on the mother-cat while she is still nursing her kittens. In fact, I don't think flea collrs are all that effective anyway. It is safe to use 2 drops only of Kitten Strength Advantage, Frontline or Revolution drops on the back of each kittens neck. After applying the drops, use your thumb to spread it along the kitten's back in a straight line to the tail. This helps to spread the flea treatment over the whole kitten's body. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

It's also safe to use the adult drops on the mother-cat.
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It's good we agree lol. MA, You must've posted while I was typing. Got to learn to type faster.
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Gee one would think we were in cahoots with each other or something!
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Us? Nah.

Shove over, you're hogging the chair.
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LOL! You get first chair though!
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heheh thanks guys, i will try and find the kitten strength advantage
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anyone know if they definetly make a specific kitten strength? advantage says their product is only for 7 weeks and up and have seen no mention of a kitten strength formula.

we are going to wash them in warm water and take off as many as we can
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They do make kitten strength but it is my understanding that they only sell those to the vets and to breeders (I believe)

You can bathe the kittens, use a tiny drop of dawn dishwashing lotion on them that will stun the fleas, but unless you have a tiny flea comb and can comb out the stunned fleas, it won't kill the fleas. Also please keep the kittens warm while you do this. Have some dry towels cycling in your dryer and use those towels to wrap the kittens up with once they are dry. Don't get soap or water in their ears, nose or eyes.
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