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How can people be so clueless?

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I have been sitting here for about an hour trying to figure out people, and still can't quite understand them. This morning I went to the grocery store with Mike. When we parked, next to us was an open bed pick-up truck, a couple of "good ol boys" in the cab and a husky mix in the back. The dog was clearly in distress! He was laying with his chest flat on the ground, his rump raised and he was rubbing his neck on the spare tire. His tongue was hanging out, his eyes glazed! I yelled to Mike, who hollered at the two kids in the truck. We went over and come to find out this poor dog had a collar on his neck that was so tight, he couldn't even breathe! Mike had to take a pair of cutters and cut the collar off the poor dog! Then we gave him some water and few treats (we always carry water and a dog bowl in our truck for Kenai) The kids didn't even say thank you! They acted like it was no big deal. I was so ticked I couldn't even see straight!
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Hissy....Thank GOODNESS you were there for that dog..poor thing!! I hate when people treat animals with such little regard.

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Oh geez MA. I would've been livid too. Thank God you and Mike were there to help, otherwise this poor dog would have suffered a long, slow agonising death right under the nose of the owner. Some people deserve a swift kick up the a**!
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OMG that would have set me too. Especially since it was a husky mix. Any animal would have made my blood boil but I have a real soft spot for the Huskies and Malamutes. Thank God you and Mike were there.
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Awwwwwww way to go on saving that poor dog's life! His owners need a swift kick in the you-know-what to say the least!

Yesterday I saw a car idling down the street with the dog leash on the rearview mirror and the dog walking next to the car. Because it was raining the owners were "walking" the dog while in the car. These people are a waste of good oxygen.
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Reminds me of an old "country boy" friend of ours who used to take is dogs hog hunting. His best dog was killed because he drove home on the highway with the dog sitting on top of the dog box which was in the back of the pickup truck, the dog fell off and the rope didn't hold.
Some people just have no sense at all.
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Geezus, I agree-I don't know about some people. Thank goodness that you came to that little husky''s rescue with Mike. Sounds like some naive owners...I see alot of them where I live...
Makes me angry! What a big heart you have, thankgoodness for you!
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Thank God you and Mike were there for the dog! All I can say about the owners is: "Mush for brains" would be a compliment.
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So glad you and Mike were there to save that sweet doggy! It just boggles the mind how poeple can treat their pets with such disregard to their health and safety.
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Yet again, another subject for having their brains in their pants!!
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Some people should be banned from having pets Thank goodness you were both there.
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Just like with humans - only because you can have a baby soden't mean you should have one....
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That is so sad, I wonder what the owner thought when he or she came out only to find their dog with a cut collar and actual food and water in the truck!? makes me almost wish I could go back in time and see the ending... of course I'd have choice words for the stupid owner so maybe that'd be a bad thing to do....
Great job MA and MIKE for saving that poor puppy!
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Way to go! That poor dog - sometimes I can't believe how stupid some people can be. And cruel.
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There are words for people like that!

Thank goodness you guys were there to save him.
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