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inches vs. weight

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I eat a lot of fast food (burgers, fries, etc) and have a bad habit of super sizing the drinks, even if I don't eat the fries.

Since I have been married, I have gained around 25 lbs or so. I was able to wear the short shorts & belly shirts 4 years ago. Now, I can't. Oh, I mean, I can, but I just don't think it would look that great! So, I' feeling a bit 'pudgy' tonight..... water gain mabye? I kind of blame it on the depo provera birth control shot, but I know a lot of it has to do with the way I eat. I try to eat good whenever I can. For example: If my hubby wants McDonalds', I get a salad or I go to Subway.

Back to the 'pudgy' feeling. I've decided that I'm going to cut back on a large drink and large fries, and get a medium drink & small fries, and start using my treadmill on my days off. So, which will come off first? The weight or the inches? I'd prefer the inches, but weight would make me just as happy. And, by doing this, will I notice a difference within a few weeks?
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The weight will be first, or at least that will be noticed first.

The inches are harder, and the treadmill will help a lot!
You might want to add some more vigorous cardio, maybe get an areobics tape...they're kinda fun, and the music helps you get into it. I can never keep up with the people on the video, but I try! :LOL:

The hardest thing for me to "firm up" is my tummy...even though I have a weight bench 2 feet away from me (the computer is much more inviting!) I don't eat much, and am not overweight, but the beer definatly settles in one spot, and wants to stay there!

As far as the time it will take to see a change...that depends on you. I'd think you'll see a difference in a couple weeks, even if just a few pounds...and once you lose a couple, it should inspire you to keep going...just keep your computer out of the line of vision! :laughing2:

Good luck hon, let us know how it goes...I need the inspiration (motivation) to get back to an exercise plan again!
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Originally posted by Cleo

just keep your computer out of the line of vision! :laughing2:
hahaha....... ya, right! I'd say almost 100% of my time is either on the computer ... hey, it is addicting!
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Lets see....hmmmm

Computer= snack food, kitty cuddles, cigarrettes, friends to chat to, beer or soda, maximum effort...typing.

Weight bench/exercise= sweat, sore muscles, crazy scared looks from cats.


Tough choice. :LOL:
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Okay, sure, I'd rather be online than workout, but I know what's good for me, even though I'm struggling these days.

Myself, I lose inches before I lose weight. I usually gain muscle while losing fat, and muscle weighs more, so I can lose a dress size before the scale moves - and the first few weeks I can even gain weight! Talk about frustrating!
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Tigger do you like walking?,its great for weight control.Even if its for 30 minutes,three times a week,I,m sure it will help,as long as your not eating chocolate bars on the wayI do like a treadmill,but I find it a little boring after a few minutes.

All the best with your weight-loss,hope you don't mind me saying,but I find jacket potato's filling,they go great with beans,cottage cheese etc.

Let us know how you are getting on,good luck

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Tigger - I've actually gained about 7 pounds since I started working out. I work out about 3 times a week with 1 day of vigorous cardio (cycling class for one hour) and strength training the other two with a little cardio (about 30 minutes on a machine - not treadmill). I haven't measured inches, but I think I'm about the same. But I'm not fatter, just more firm. I guess the muscle just weighs more than my fat. But it's really depressing when I get on the scale, let me tell you.
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My nutrition professor in college cured me of eating fries. She had us take one french fry and drop it in a bowl of water for 24 hours. The results were grisly and everytime Mike and I go to a fast food place, I see in my mind's eye this soggy, swollen lump of congealed yuck and I pass on the fries! I know, it's almost unAmerican....! I also believe in drinking a lot of water and you can loose a lot of weight just by drinking and drinking H20...
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Ok, what are jacket potatoes? I have never heard of them! :tounge2:
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Cleo I just loved what you said about beer wanting to stay in one place - I feel exactly the same about it hee hee
And Tigger jacket potatoes are roast unpeeled potatoes with butter and cheese and basically whatever you feel like. They are yummy!!!!
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Try a jacket potato with chilli con carne in it!!! yum yum yum (and if you're not being too "calorie" concious, grate a little bit of cheese over it...mmmm ) The best way (and quickest) to do a jacket potato is to stab it a couple of times with a fork (so it doesn't explode!!) and put it in the microwave for about 3-5 mins (depending on size of potato of course!! hee hee), then whack it in the oven to finish off and make the skin go all nice and crispy....mmm, then slice it in the middle (not completely in half) and add you're topping!! I personally love chilli and cheese, prawns and mayonaise, and tuna and coleslaw (the last one is the least fattening!!) of course they're all "diet" meals if you have them with salad!! :laughing:

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BodLover; I adore your phrase, "They're all diet meals if you have them with a salad. . . . " The terrible thing I am guilty of is I put everything but the "kitchen sink" in my salads. (sometimes I forget the lettuce! LOL) Those of you that are fond of baked potatoes; have you tried substituting a sweet potatoe. I love them baked with just butter and salt and pepper they are just as good that way as with the marshmellows and brown sugar! :pinky:
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