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28 Minutes and counting.....

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Going to pick up Emmett soon from Maureen's. I just got home from my weekend in Brampton and brought Emmett home a new corner litter box and a litter locker... what a spoiled little kitten he is.

Just waiting for Marueen to get home so I can go over and pick up my little pooky!!!

27 mins left to go!!!!
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You're not excited, are you? The Litter Locker is great (although the cartridges are a bit expensive). No more filling "Baggies" with clumps and taking them down two storeys to the trash can. My mother-in-law is catsitting next week, and I just showed her how it works. She thinks it's absolutely ingenious.
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You've only got 2 minutes now.
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Can you guys give me a link to the corner litter box and litter locker? They sound great and I haven't seen them over here.
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Emmers is back!!!!!!!

He was so happy to see me. He was sitting on the table where Maureen's boyfriend, Dave, was using his laptop and when he saw me he jumped down and ran over. I picked him and he was purring really loudly. I'm so glad my Emmers is home!!!

Kumbulu: Here is some info on each of the products.

Litter Locker: http://www.petmate.com/Catalog.plx?ID=1600

Corner Litter Box: http://www.petsmart.com/global/produ...=1084741576865
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Hooray! re-united at last.
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And you wondered if he'd still love you -- are you relieved or what? The first time is the hardest. You can't help but have that wondering. But you're his Mum, after all, eh? Glad the little guy is home and all's well.
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See, we all told you that you had nothing to worry about I hope you had a nice weekend, and am glad everything went well with Emmett
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Awwww see, we said he would still love you

I would have been the same though!
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Isn't it great when they come running up to you.

Don't feel too bad about spoiling your boy...I can't walk into any store without stopping by the pet toys isle and picking up something for my boys.
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