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Very Strange Behavior

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Please help me. My kitten, Katie has been acting very strangely. She will be a year old in July. She has had all of her shots and is spayed and declawed. She is normally a very playful and talkative cat. On Thursday, my boyfriend and I were leaving the house and and she ran in front of him as if something scared the daylights out of her. She stopped and let out a few low growls and ran upstairs and hid under the bed. When we came home, she was still there and the room smelled funny. She normally sleeps with us, but did not and hasn't since then. She walks very slowly in the room she is in, as if she's being cautious. But she won't leave the room she's in. We have to take her to other rooms. She hides in corners. And leaves that odor wherever she's been. She will only eat, drink and use the litter box if we take it to the room she's in. She doesn't seem to have trouble walking and will let us hold her and pet her. She's been like this for 4 days. Please, help me. I don't know what to do
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CutieKatie...please take her to the vet. Sounds as if something is wrong and she is trying to tell you.


BTW..Welcome to TCS.
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Do you think she's sick?
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Do you think she's sick or something spooked her?
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Anytime a cat is acting differently, a vet check is always the first thing to consider. I would also ask the vet to take a look at the declaw site to see if there is any sort of infection going on? She sounds like something is scaring her, but the "odor" you say she is leaving behind concerns me, so a vet visit is in order.

Good luck and let us know please what the vet has to say-
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Thank you. I'll call the vet tomorrow. Unless you think it's an emergency.
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CutieKatie...good luck at the vet...and please let us know what the vet tells you.

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Sounds like UTI to me.

Not emergency, but do get her to a vet ASAP.

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Thank you all for your concern. I took Katie to the vet today. He did an x-ray on her belly and found nothing. He gave her an enima and took a urine sample and found nothing. He couldn't seem to find anything wrong with her. He gave her a cortizone shot, thinking maybe she hurt her back or legs while playing. He also gave her an antibiotic, just in case she might have an infection somewhere. He told us to keep her confined for a few days and see what happens. She is in the laundry room now with her bed, food and water, the litter box and some toys. She's not showing much interest in anything. She did, however, urinate in the litter box (which I consider a good thing). She purrs like crazy when we come visit her, but doesn't move much. I hope that she's just exhausted from her ordeal and will get back to her old self soon. Keep you fingers crossed for me. Any other suggestions?
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Have you noticed the 'odor' or anything abnormal in the litterbox since you've confined her?

If so, I would heavily reccomend seeking a second opinion.

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How is she doing on the antibiotics?

Could the problem be neurological?

Is it possible she is having seizures?

Maybe it is an environmental allergy?
Some cats are allergic to catnip.
Is there some new in the home?
New cat bedding, drapes, air filter, perfumes, cleaning products?

Good luck.
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I'm sorry. I guess I forgot to mention that the odor was poop. She left me a package in the corner of the room. There hasn't been anything strange in the litter box. She seems to be doing better. She's more herself. She's playing again and no more potty problems. But, she won't leave the laundry room. We have the door left open and she doen't want to leave.
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Thank you for all the suggestions, but nothing new in the house. We haven't given her catnip. The house is closed up with the air on, so allergies shouldn't be too bad. I haven't seen any seizures. I won't rule out neurological. She does, in fact, seem to be doing a bit better. I'll keep you posted.
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My 13 yr cat was vomiting about 1.5 months ago; I took her to the vet and she said if it didn't stop to bring her back. Well she didn't vomit more than 2 days after the vet trip. While she was sick though she wouldn't let my boyfriend near her. She would hunker down and her ears would go back. I am of course accusing him of hurting my cat! (Even though he is as much of an animal lover as I am). She even did it to me once. Well since then she absolutely REFUSES to be in the same room with him and now spends most of her time under the bed ; Fluffy is a "window" cat and this is most unusual behavior. She will come out to lay on the bed with me (a favorite pasttime of hers). When I read your thread Katie; I thought there were some similarites. I'm anxious to hear what the vet said. Anyone else have any advice or experience this as well?
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I'm sorry to say there hasn't been any improvement in Katies behavior. She still won't come out of the laundry room. The vet coulndn't find anything wrong with her. The only thing I can do now is wait.
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Is Katie an indoor cat? Occasionally our boys will get scared by something outside our patio door (they are totally indoor cats) and will go hide somewhere. Fortunately, this behaviour has only been temporary. Did the vet check a stool sample? Our 10+ year old Charlie will act weird and then leave poop outside the box when he is "constipated" and has difficulty with his business. Scared the heck out of us the first time this happened. THings have improved with changes in his diet. Hope things improve!
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