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My cat had 4 kittens in my laundry room about a week ago. Well, today when I got home I went to check on the cat & kittens, and saw that there were only 3 kittens in the usual spot. After I had looked around a bit, I saw that my cat had moved one of the kittens into a box on the other side of the laundry room, away from the others. Every time that I get near the box, Rosie (the mother cat) runs over there and curls up around it as if to hide it. I was thinking that maybe it was because I had picked up one of the kittens yesterday, but that wasn't even the kitten that I held. The kitten isn't the runt, and isn't any different than the other ones, so I can't figure out why Rosie would separate it from the others. Why is she doing this?
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K1tty..is there a way that you can take the kittens to the vet? There may be something wrong with the one that she has separated from the others. Best to have the vet look look all of them over just to be on the safe side.

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I would agree on a vet visit for the kitten, just to be sure. Sometimes the moms know before we do that something is wrong with the kitten, and they will carry it off and hide it, or simply just move it away from the source of warmth and food.
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