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What food/treatment is good for dry coat?

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One of my new fosters, Heidi, is a medium hair gray kitty. The fur on her back is so dry and flakey. She was abandoned in an apartment for two years and neighbors in the complex fed her before she came to me about a month ago.

What cat food in general might particularly help add shine to her fur? Is there any other food or activity that would help besides the below stuff?

I brush her every day and I also comb her. She has a lot of flakey dander especially on her back. The brushing and combing seem to be helping and she really likes it, thank heavens.

I've also got her running after the laser light- I figure more oxygen to her skin will help, just like with people.

I've seen her groom herself but she does not seem to wash her whole coat.
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You can also change her diet, something with a little more moisture can sometimes help. What are you currently feeding her?

A simple way to reduce dry coat is Olive Oil...just put a few drops (not much!) on her food each day and you should see an improvement...use Olive Oil, not any other oil.

Also, does she seem to drink a lot of water? If not, does she seem to prefer running water, and if so do you have a running water bowl?

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Have you considered omega 3 fatty acids?
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Have you considered omega 3 fatty acids?
That's what I was going to suggest. Many cat foods already include it (especially Hair & Skin formulas), but you can also buy supplements (50 mg. capsules) that you can pierce and pour over the food. Initially give one capsule daily for about 3 or 4 weeks, and cut down to one or two a week after the problem has been resolved. One tip is to buy a very small package to start with, because cats seem to have their "brand" preferences!
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She eats the katzenflocken dry food and I give her a small can of fancy feast every day.

She seems a bit picky but I will try the omega 3 fatty acid pills to start with, and thank you for the tip about starting small!

I may try the olive oil too, once she is more comfortable with me. I have stayed away from putting anything on her, because I don't know if she will flip out. She is still getting used to her surroundings. I wanted to give her one of those oatmeal and neem oil foam "dry" baths, but I don't dare yet.

I don't know about the running water but I do have one, and I may try it as well. But Toby, my alpha cat, is addicted to it and I don't want him to get upset if he sees me giving it to her. She is in her own room but I just took the regular door off and put a screen door on it so she can begin getting accustomed to other cats - mine especially!

These are all great tips, thanks!
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You're welcome.

You may also want to call your vet and see what he thinks.

Keep us posted, and I hope she gets better.

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The oils sounds like a good idea. I will say that in my experience Innova dry food is GREAT for a cat's coat.
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Someone at my rescue said egg whites is really good for dry coats...not sure if the cat is meant to eat it or if the egg whites are supposed to be rubbed through the fur. Has anyone else heard this??

Glen...LOVE the quote under your cat's picture..SOO appropriate.

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It is my understanding that cats are definitely not supposed to eat raw egg whites, but my vet recommends occassional raw egg yolks for the nutrients they contain. Raw egg yolks are also recommended in The New Natural Cat.
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