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Nacho Cheese

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My friend came over last night, who actually is the mommy to Dori's sister. We were trading stories and one came to mind that I had forgotten about that I just had to share with you guys. Dori must have been about 4 or 5 months old and used to be when I had class in the evening I would get home at about 9:30 and Dori would go wild. I guess since I worked all day and she spent the day alone she had a lot of energy to get rid of. She would run around and jump on everything, knocking things over and basically just make trouble. This was also the days when my b/f hated cats and did not have the patience to deal with her. This one night in particular Dori was running wild and my boyfriend told me I had to get her under control, he was not going to live with a crazy cat and told me I needed to start teaching her to behave appropriately. We started arguing about that and while arguing I made a big bowl of nacho cheese/ salsa dip. I brought my big bowl of dip and set it down on the couch and ate while I was working on some homework. My b/f was still sitting on the other end of the couch mumbling about how Dori wouldn't settle down (she was still acting silly) and in that same minute little Dori jumped from the bar counter over the couch and landed in the bowl of nacho cheese. She ran out as fast as her little legs could carry her, but she was covered. SHe started running everywhere, spreading the nacho cheese on furniture, and even our bed. My b/f was so mad I could see steam coming from his ears! I was trying to catch her and she kept running, finally I caught her and gave her a bath in the sink (very hard to do when you weren't prepared) I ended up scratched so badly I thought I needed stitches! And then I had to spend the rest of the night cleaning nacho cheese from everywhere. We laugh about it now, she was so small then and to see her covered in cheese was so funny. Ok, it wasn't funny at the time but it sure is now Just thought I would share with you guys, I know someone will see the humor in it
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How I would love to have seen that! Oh, where's the camera when you need one!
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I can just picture that! Kittens are a riot, but sometimes I wonder how most of them manage to survive kittenhood. When JC was little, I suffered from severe sleep deprivation, and dreaded leaving him alone for as much as half an hour.
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how i have not seen this post earlier is beyond me, i would have loved to have seen that
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I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in your house that night
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you should have sent it 2 planets funniest animals....if you had of recorded it that is..... it would have been a winner
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Lol, I wish I could've seen it
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