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And there off

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Dakota is in the lead in the first turn with Nakita right on his heals. There goes Nakita taking the lead after she dropped Dakota to the ground with a swift grab around the neck. Now they are running neck and neck to the wire and the winner is......omg..... it's a photo finish we will have the results in a minute......and the winner is Dakota by a nose

I heard them two out side playing and watched them out the window for a little while. Those two started racing around the yard like they were on an oval track. It is so wonderful to see Nakita running again The meds are working for her, even though right now the vet has her off of them to see if her limping comes back. So far she is still able to run and play and I see no signs of her limping
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Hooray Nakita Great news.
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I guess I spoke too soon about Nakita not limping I went out there and she was limping slightly after the Husky 500 in my backyard. I went ahead and gave her a dose of her meds and will call the vet in the morning to let him know that she will have to continue to take this medication. Nakita is a much happier dog when I have her on the meds and not in pain. Love my "Kita Girl"
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Sorry Nakita didn't do as well as you had hoped without her medication. Maybe she just overdid it a little in the race. Glad you're going to talk to your vet. It's wonderful that she is finally able to run and play again! How about you, Cathi, how are you feeling?
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Cathi did you go our for that day of relaxation/pampering? If so How was it??

I hope Nakita is feeling better soon.
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Stephanie I am feeling a little better today. I have to go tomorrow and get some more of my antibotics. The crazy insurance company will only let me have 3 pills at a time of them since they cost an arm and a leg each. Rather irritating since I have to go back after the 3 days. I hate that the insurance company can regulate how many meds I get from my Dr.

Hey Sam in answer to your question, Not yet I haven't been well enough to get that day. I was hoping to do it this past Friday but alais I was feelilng rotten again and went home instead. I did get my hair fixed before I had surgery 3 weeks ago and that made me feel a little better and look a little better too
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