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Spotz>>>If she now knows how to back up what she wants saved, there's no reason to not format, is there?

98 is much less of a resource hog and more stable than ME. And why buy it? There's bound to be someone around with an old CD they don't want...to do it legally...

So get a "good type" of all parts and assemble them. It's really not impossible, I swear. I bought all of Mirri's parts last Jan/Feb/around there for about 800,000KRW and it cost 20k to pay a pro to assemble her (although my friend could have come over after a few days and done it for free). I don't know her exact specs, but she was decent for playing Warcraft3 and the like on--Iwill mobo, Athlon XP 2000, 512 DDR RAM, 80gb Seagate, GeForce4 ti4200 128mb, and so on. When moving last November, she needed her mobo and CPU replaced (we got her some ASUS and an XP 2400), and we later added some RAM to 640mb. Blue (the computer I'm on now--I like him, he's an Athlon 64 3000 and quite fast despite being the cheapest 64 system my friend could throw together at the time--hardly brag-worthy lol, but he's quite nice and I like War3 on him with the Radeon 9800) we got this Feb and he cost under $600...find a preassembled system with anything close to his specs that's cheaper, please. Someone I know was telling me in March that she wanted a Dell that would cost $600-700; looking up the parts quickly, it would have costed her about $450 at the time, and probably with better stuff of the same specs.

Just figure out what you want, find stuff that fits (ie a mobo that will support what you want, stuff that will work with that mobo), buy it, and put it together. It's not rocket science.
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I've addressed the support issue previously.

I meant no insult or otherwise in my original post responding to you, if any was taken please accecpt my apologies.

[Edited out due to a mis-read of the previous post]

Computers are very complex machines and because of that there is an amazing amount of variables that can affect each individual system.

I can only offer suggestions as I have done for the past 10 years of providing technical support. Computers have dropped drastically in cost in recent times. As is common in American society, it is cheaper to replace products rather than repair/modify them in virtually every single instance.

My suggestion is to try any free and/or low cost solutions first, and if those yeild minimal improvements to consider saving up and investing in a newer computer. It may be a little more $$ short term, but will last at least another 3 years. Something I cannot say for any upgrade that can be done to the current computer.

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Originally Posted by Spotz
Windows 98 Support

Secondary Information on Windows Support

Paid Support will continue, limited support for other aspects.

They do not fully support this product.


From your referenced link:

"Critical security updates [for Windows 98] will be provided on the Windows Update site through June 30, 2006." (That is more than 2 years from now, and then we shall see).

Meanwhile, have we not all recognized how the cost of these black boxes goes down, and their performance goes up, as each year goes by?

A query for our dear TCS'ers:

Has anyone out there, amongst those whom we collegially call in our earlier posting "unsophisticated users," ever, in any one single case, obtained any "support" from M$ other than for critical security updates on the Windows Update site? If that?

In our opinion one is foolish to purchase things one does not need, be that a Hummer or a computer that can solve all the world's computing needs. We would think that one might better relate one's acquisitions to one's needs. Bells and whistles are extravagances when only one bell is needed.

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This happend to me this morning(Taking an age to connect)

It took a good couple of hours before a was able to get on properly, i was blaming the new computers we've just got.
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Run "Scandisk" and your "Defrag" utilities to compact your files on your hard drive. Windows ME is not that bad of a software system if you keep your hard drive defragged, at least once a month. Also eliminate the utilities running in the background that turn on automatically as your computer boots up. To turn off the utilities, click on "Start" in the lower left hand corner of the screen, click "Run" and type in "msconfig". In the drop-down box, click the "Startup" tab. Then unclick what you don't want to automatically startup. Since you have MSOffice, you don't need "MSOffice to automatically statup. There are others as well. You be the judge. You can do all of this before even updating with new memory or a hard drive. You can also place a faster processor on your motherboard and even a faster video card. I will keep a computer for about 7 years and exhaust all the possibilities for upgrade until I can upgrade no more.

Above all, if you do not know how to do these things outlined, do not try to do this yourself. Consult a friend who knows what to do or take it to a "reputable" computer repair facility. Do not let them talk you into building you a new computer when you can tweak your present computer to run just as fast.
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Originally Posted by Caspar
Also eliminate the utilities running in the background that turn on automatically as your computer boots up. To turn off the utilities, click on "Start" in the lower left hand corner of the screen, click "Run" and type in "msconfig". In the drop-down box, click the "Startup" tab. Then unclick what you don't want to automatically startup.
We have tried this before, but we haven't a clue as to what most of the items are that show up on the startup list when we run msconfig, and we are scared that we might turn something off which should remain on.

Is there a handy-dandy source somewhere which can help us with this dilemma?

Thanx much,
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You could try to reformat your hard-disk. Save what you want then do a clean wipe of the disk. After a reinstall, things should move faster.

Actually, before deciding on whether to buy a new computer the question to be asked is how good or obsolete your current computer is.

Click on programs > Run > Tye "DxDiag"

Then show us your specifications.
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WOW! My head is just swimming with information, and I first want to say how very much I appreciate the help and advice from every single one of you!!!

I don't even know where to begin with my questions and comments...I tried to write down or print off alot of the advice here, some of it was way over my head. But I thank you so much for trying to help! I am going to do a disk clean up and defragment tonight when I go to bed, so it can run all night since I have heard it takes a long time. I am extremely emabarrassed to say that I have never defragmented and I have had this computer for 3 1/2 years!!! Maybe that is the problem!!!!
As far as adding RAM, it sounds like a great idea, but I have no idea how to install it once I buy it. I have a Compaq, I know someone asked. As far as putting XP on it, the support tech I talked to (if he knows what he is talking about) said putting XP on a computer with my RAM would be like trying to turn a Model T into a corvette...a disaster. James Brown...I printed off your instructions on how to save my favorites and put them on a new computer...I hope it doesn't come to that, but if it does...I really appreciate the instructions! Thank you!
Casper..if I could somehow figure out how to set the MSOffice programs not to automatically start up, (which I am so ignorant, I didn't even know they did), will I have problems then when I do want to use them? I am just pretty much clueless what to do other than try the disk clean up and defrag...I am praying that maybe this will solve the problem. I crashed 3 times just trying to read this whole thread. And I don't have a virus, I have Norton and have ran a full system scan. Bumpy, you said to go to programs > Run > Tye "DxDiag"...I don't have "run" anywhere in my programs menu. ??? I am so lost. I am ready to pull out every single hair on my head, and believe me...I have alot!!!
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Ah, Compaq...I can share a bit of your pain. My mom bought one for me when I was younger, and we resorted to buying one last year before we could replace Mirri's parts (very overpriced pos). The only thing left of it now is the annoyingly slow 40gb HD. It just stopped working. Even I laughed seeing how it was inside, too...

Not having programs on startup means they don't automatically start when your computer boots up. You can start them whenever you want.

If you click on your Start menu, it should be...I forget exactly for your OS, but near the bottom (below Programs, Documents, and such).
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