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Crutches and Kittens

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When the doctor told me to stay on crutches till this infection in my foot clears up, I am sure he had no knowledge about what an effect I would have on all my furry monsters while using them. I suddenly have two more legs that are metallic and threatening to some of them. Kahuna puffs himself up like a poison toad when I come clunking into the room, then he hisses and dives underneath the bed. All that can be seen of him are his two eyes looking out. Bacardi has decided that my crutches are new scratching posts. I hope the deposit we gave for them will be refunded, but I look at the new scratch marks and think probably not.

The challenge comes in trying to navigate in a room full of sleeping kitties. It is hard enough to clunk along with these things, but when the path is littered with cats and long tails, it becomes an agility course, and unfortunately, I am not that agile! Poor Bartee found that out when I accidently landed on his tail- and the long scratch on my leg is his notification that he thinks I need a license to drive these things!
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Hissy; Sorry to hear that you are on crutches. I have not had to use them but I always heard that the worst thing about them was the soreness that developes under your arms and of course the "agility thing"! I can't imagine how hard that must be with cats. . . . I am sorry I did not know you were having foot infection problem; hope it is cleared up soon Hopefully I will be e-mailing you that illustration (in full color) tomorrow afternoon! Then we can talk about what you want me to do as far as getting it ready for you to print off. Talk to you tomorrow afternoon. . . . . Sorry, it has taken so long! Darlene
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I too am sorry to hear that you are on crutches. Just want to send you a get well soon message.:flower:
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Hissy, I just read this post and I am also sorry to hear you're on crutches!
I had them when I sprained my ankle last year. The doctor told me that I needed to use them except while I was at work( duh!? and they go to school for that!? LOL!)
I understand the cat obstical course problem! I ended up hopping around the house and cats instead of trying the cat course! It hurt alot but the cats were happier for it!

(God bless the New York and Washington families and friends of the terrorist plane crashes ! )
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