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not Cat related but wondering.........

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Does anyone on here know anything about Box turtles??? I just got 3 from my cousin who is losing her home. I have never owned land turltes before....only aquatic and even then that was when I was a child!! I have been looking for good sites concerning them and found a couple but I thought I would post on here to see if anyone on here would be of any help seeing's how we all love animals so much here. But anyway! if anyone has any tips as far as feeding, caring, and habitate for these little guys I would be very greatful!!! in the mean time they are sleeping in a 10 gallon tank with newspaper on the bottom (by the time I got home from driving all day to get them to driving all the way back home it was to late for me to stop and PetCo.) I just hope they will be alright! I had to end up putting a make shift lid on the tank to keep Blade out of it LOL he sure doesn't know what to make of them!!!
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I don't know anything about Turtles, I wish I did...I like them, but know nothing about them...hopefully someone here will be able to help or guide you to a good website!
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I found this website hopefully it will help you with those turtles
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They like to eat strawberries and lettuce...Thats about all I remember about them.
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Thanks for the site....I will check it out as soon as I am done reading all the new posts I missed over my weekend one thing I learned is that they do enjoy grapes LOL I was told by my cousin that she fed them grapes and lettuce so having grapes on hand I cut some in half and gave it to them and boy did they go insane! lol
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