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Franz & Maddy:Or Why Don't We Just Get Along Update!

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Things are improving here in Brooklyn! Franz no longer hisses at Maddy. Must have been that talk I had with him telling him how hissing was so femme! He is showing more interest in her...going up to her for a sniff, nose, butt, etc. What makes it difficult for her, I believe is her blindness, he is so stealth in his movements, she is almost always startled by his advances. So when she jumps in surprise, many times he bats hers...I believe with claws retracted though. A semi funny thing happed last night, he was sitting on his pillow in his computer cubby...his favorite place in the whole wide world and she tried to jump in. Not sure she was aware he was there, but she must have smelled him..right? Well he batted her to 3rd base, she wasn't hurt, but the expression on his face was priceless. I swear he had been practicing for the moment since she got here. She just sauntered over to me for TLC. I gave up on the 2 litterboxe as she won't use hers and they both don't seem to mind using his olympic sized one. A little while ago while cleaning I accidently stepped on her tail (she's always underfoot) and she ran under the bed. He eventually joined her, and they were under the bed, less than a foot apart. So I take that as a good sign. If the hated each other they would have spread out, given it's a queen size bed. He still sleeps with me at night, all lovey dovey, she has little interest in that. In fact when I wake, I find the livingroom redecorated, small throw rugs moved, potholders in livingroom, hairbrushes scattered..lol, maybe she's waiting to take Martha Stewarts place.

Do you guys think it's going as expected??? Need some reassurance here!!!
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It sounds like their doing just fine.

They obviously don't hate each other, so there's really only one other way for them to go with this.

At this point, I would just totally enjoy their presense, and not worry anymore about how they are going to get along. I wouldn't push the issue anymore, just relax a bit and let them figure it out. It sounds like they've done pretty good so far.

Keep us all posted...I'd expect some interesting moments with Maddy's blindness, just try to make the best of what's given....they will.

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Barbara it sounds they are coming along together fantastic. It took me longer with mine. I would think they are going to be good friends. In the end with mine I had to stop worrying, I am a bit of a mother hen, and had to fight against myself. You should see the four of them together now, they are all inseparable and cause havoc.
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sounds to me like things are going very well! My two were the same way. There was much hissing and posturing in the beginning and now they are best buddies!
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Barbara they sound as if they're getting along brilliantly!

Before long they will be curled up with each other like my two are now. Rosie still gives Sophie the odd bat when she bugs her too much, and now that she's washing her, if Sophie tries to get up Rosie pushes her back down until she's finished .
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