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Hi everybody,
My name is Linda and I live in South Jersey with three old men and my husband. My old men are Casper (16 yrs.), Tuffy (16 yrs.), and Spats (14 yrs.). My husband is kind of old, too, but we won't go there.
I have a question--Casper doesn't groom too much anymore. He's getting some mats. I try to work they over gently, but he hates it. Any ideas?
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Welcome aboard.

I wish I had some suggestions besides professional grooming for him, but I'm relatively unfamiliar with the grooming of the longerhaired kitties.

Plenty of members here will be able to help you though, so keep an eye out.

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Welcome to the site Linda! I don't have suggestions for your problem with Casper. I would suggest that you start a thread about it in the Care & Grooming Forum where more people with experience will see your question.

I look forward to getting to know you and your Old Men on the board!
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Welcome to TCS!!

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It is probably his age advancing on him that stops him from taking care of himself. If he has arthritis or if he is obese, or just simply doesn't feel like himself, he won't take care of himself. You should get him into the vets for a wellness check, including a blood test. Mats are usually a good indication that senior cats do not feel well, plus unattended mats can eventually cause skin problems and even cut off circulation.
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Hi and welcome to TCS to you ,your husband and your three older kitties.

More and likely its his age that hindering him taking care of himself better. They can also get 'grumpier' as they age as well. Just take it easy with him and work slowly to get the mats from his coat. You could ask a vet or a groomer on suggestions to help with his coat care. Do make sure he and the other two get wellness tests done yearly And a blood panel - preferably a complete panel for senior cats - every year or more frequent if the vets feel it necessary.

I have two senior kitties - Sphinx is thought to be around 18 years old and we help him with his 'self' when he needs it (though he doesn't want to admit he needs the help)
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Welcome to TCS to you and your family!
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hi and welcome to the site
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Welcome to TCS! What length is Caspars fur?? It might be worth investing in a shave for him.. depending on the season you have at the moment, it will make him alot for comfortable and alot easier for you to manage. Also what grand ages your kittys are at! That's wonderful.
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I would try combing him a little at a time if you can and if you are not able to do that I would go to the vet with him . I would ask by the vet if they would groom him for you , due to his age and it would be much saver for him too . I agree with Hissy , to get some bloodwork done is always save in his age . As we humans age we get all kind of illness and cats are not much different from us humans . With cats it is just very sneaky when illness is present and most of the time not notice by us .
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Welcome Glad to meet you and your senior kitties. It always gives me inspiration to hear of older cats. My Sash will be 12 in Sept. and I hope to have him around for many more years.

Lisa & Sash
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Hi welcome to TCS.
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Hi everybody,
I just wanted to thank you all for your suggestions about Casper. He is a DSH, so it's pretty easy to get the mats out, if and when he sits still long enough.
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welcome to TCS
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