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Curiosity killed

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The old saying of "Curiousity killed the cat" may or may not apply at my household! Tiki is destined to "pick on" my fish Betta, but I can tell he finds HER as his entertainment!

post #2 of 19 those pics of your kitty and fish! How beautiful they both are, respectively And...I also like what I can see of your kitchen area/ dining area. It looks very nice, cute and tidy
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very nice pictures. Does she ever dip her paw in the water and try to catch him?

Have you named your betta? I named mine George. He's gone heaven.
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Shell I love these pictures especially that first one- they cracked me up big time!
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I caught Tiki dipping her little paw in the bowl yesterday! She just doesn't understand the word "no" at times! She's afraid of the water because when her paw got wet, she about fell off the counter because she freaked out! Hopefully, she won't be doing that again.

As for naming my fish, I just call him original, huh? I couldn't figure out a cute name for him & the name Betta is kinda cute.

Anne, I'll have to snap a couple pic's of the dining room/kitchen. It's nothing wonderful by any means, but usually clean...since I never use them! LOL!
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Great pictures. Tiki is such a beauty.
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Great pics of Tiki - can't resist her sweet little face!!!!! I would love to have a fish tank BUT that fish bowl would be on the floor in my house. *LOL*
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My cats love my fish as well. I don't have bettas anymore but a couple of years ago I had about five of them my cat at the time was also intrigued by them.
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Thats cute but funny
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HAHA--I couldn't have a fish in the house...Mits would always try to dip his paws in the bowl because that's how he drinks...I would come home one day and not have a fishy Don't want to even chance that! LOL
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Tiki is so beautiful!!!
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OMG what a beautiful cat you have
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Aww! Thanks! Sadly...she's knows she's THAT beautiful!
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Ahhh....the very regal and sophisticated Miss Tiki Great pics Shell
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This is why I can't have fish in the house.

I'm just looking Mom

I just need to get a better view

Juuuust a little closer....


(Well, almost) Unfortunately Taz figured out how to remove the cover (because silly me decided to feed the fishies in front of him and showed him how ). From that point on he was on a mission, he would flip the top off and dip his paws in. I finally had to put them someplace where he couldn't reach them.

I love how you can see his eyes through the water. He's such a rascal!
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LOL! Those are great pic's of Taz & the fish! I just wonder what they'd really do if they caught it...they'd probably freak out!
thanks for sharing!
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Great pictures Shell!

Tiki is beautiful and so is Betta

No fishing Tiki!
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I couldn't have an open bowl like that with my cats- one keeps trying to get into one aquarium through the tiny hole in the top.
Tiki's quite well behaved!
Nice looking Betta!
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Those are gorgeous pictures! Of course I have a soft spot for Tiki anyway but all prejudice aside... just beautiful!
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