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hail and well met!

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I was asked to stop in this forum to say hello and "receive a proper greeting". So here I am.

While I currently only have one cat (the feline equivalent of a mutt), she's about the best cat ever. Technically, she's my fiance's cat, but the cat likes me better.

Occasionally I post with questions to better care for the cat or to satisfy my curiosity. If possible, I'll answer as well. Beyond that, I will likely lurk more than post.

But so far, so good.

Again, hello.
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HI Coffeepaw...

I am new here too. I am getting my very first kitty probably at the end of this week. I have been asking TONS of questions on this board :LOL:

Hi, and nice to meet you!

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I am also fairly new here, and I've met a lot of very nice people and received some great advice!!!
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Coffeepaw....I LOVE your name!!!! I want to give you a big, warm welcome to the catsite!!
I am glad you have joined us!!! Where are you from, just curious.

I hope you find the time to post often here If not, lurking is okay, too!
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Lurking or posting; we are glad to welcome you to the cat site family! Just keep your Paws out of my Coffee (lol) :
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Welcome coffeepaw!
I also love your name!
Lurk away, but please feel free to post too! The people on this board are amazing, and so helpful and supportive, no matter what you want to talk about you'll find someone who's interested!

I went from having "only 1 cat" to very rapidly having 7!!!

My Cagney escaped and came home preggers, right after I aquired Lily, my now almost 6 month old kitten. Then I inherited my sons 3 month old Gilligan...and now I have the 4 babies who are 2 weeks!

So look out ...once you get hooked on this site, you feline family has a tendency to grow! :LOL:
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A warm welcome Coffeepaw,

I,m also quite new,its a lovely cat site with so many nice members
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Hi Coffeepaw and welcome to the cat site!
I've been a member for a little over a month and I think this is a great place!
Everyone is so nice and the information, advice and support that everyone gives is wonderful!!
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Welcome Coffepaw!! (your name sounds yummy ) Glad to have you with us all, feel free to lurk as much as you like - but I hope to hear lots from you!!

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Hi Coffepaw and welcome to the site.
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Hi Coffepaw

Nice to see you post...are you a coffee enthusiast? I love it.
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A warm welcome indeed!

My plans already call for expanding the feline family, once more space is available, and a new job is had.

And I'm a coffee enthusiast insofar that I have my caffiene addiction, and have gone entire days on nothing but coffee. Too much (5+ pots) plays hell with my digestive system, though.

I love the collection of smilies here, btw.
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