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I got a couple of pics of Roo on the 'nip.

Let's see you guys' kitties on the nip!
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Awwwww! Thereth nothing like a nithe bit of cathnip.
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Here's Snowball on 'nip! Sorry the picture quality isn't very good.

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I always did love to see a kitty Nipin and Tripin Great pics
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Chester on the nip:

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They are fantastic photos, I am going for some nip on Monday. (I mean for the cats).
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Those pics are great.

Now where is Sicy and her sweetheart Zoey for this thread?
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What fun!
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Jeepers got so zoned out on catnip spray (it's all over the rug ) that she let me take this picture of her spay scar and shaved tummy
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All of your kitties are so cute when their high on catnip
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LOL....those are hilarious!
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Sierra loving her catnip teddy bear!
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She's a beauty--I want to hug her!!!
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Thank you so much, Candie! Sierra sends a great big snuggly hug to you!
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Sierra is adorable. I want to hug her too.

Love the second one with her toy right up to her nose.
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Talk about spaced out kitties

Their brilliant
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Originally Posted by greycat2
Sierra is adorable. I want to hug her too.
More snuggly hugs from Sierra! How about Sphinx and Kuce?!
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These pictures are too funny! Roo
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
More snuggly hugs from Sierra! How about Sphinx and Kuce?!

I'd do it but Sphinx is completely unaffected by catnip...... Or he doesn't want us to see his dignity ruined.....

I'll see if I can catch Kuce getting high on it though.....

to Sierra.
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More to Kuce and Sphinx! Hope you can catch Kuce on the nip!
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Thanks!!! And of course there are never enough for everyone's kitties!!

Hopefully I'll catch her on the catnip but usually when she sees the camera it's 'Time to pose in a regal or move away' from the camera mode.
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here's baci with an old sock filled with cat nip my mom gave him. i brought it home for him and put it on my dresser and i forgot to give it to him, and when we went up for bed he followed me up adn walked right over to it, pulled it down and started playing with it. i woke up in the morning and the sock was green and still very wet!!! eeewwww!! lol

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Aaaww, Baci! He's so sweet with his catnip sock!
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