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Kittens at 3 weeks old

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Here is a link to the photos of the kittens this weekend. They are three weeks now, and all are thriving. Take a look if you like:


Ps. The last photo is my favorite, the gray and cream is the one we have decided we are keeping. She is just too cute, and so cuddly and loveable. I can't bear to part w/ her!!!
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Oh, they are lovely! I like the grey and cream colours too I never knew you could get the grey and cream in with black and white in one litter.

Thank you for posting the pictures. I've had my kitten fix for the day now

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You know, the kittens are all SO different in color!!! It seems that maybe she had more than one "boyfriend"??? LOL. We have a variety of everything from black and white to calico to gray!!!!!!!!!! But they are all adorable. They are so cute, my son keeps asking if we can keep them all. My husband on the other hand can hardly handle the one we have, but he is nice enough to agree that we can keep one in addition to our Sunshine!! I am dreading the day they have to go off to their new homes! I will be in a state of depression I think.
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Daniela....I really enjoyed looking at your pictures!

They are ALL adorable, but I can see why you decided to keep the cream and grey colored one...I have never seen those colors together like that! How unique! I would LOVE to have a cat with those colors!!
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Daniela; All of the kittens are "Precious". That last photo is my favoite also. The one kitty that seems to be looking right at you in that last photo; is that the one you are keeping?
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Oh, how precious! They are all so adorable!
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I think you should keep them all!

What cute little balls of fuzz! Such a sweet little nest of kittens.

Where was mama? In my limited experience, when I would check out the babies, mama was hovering around acting halfway proud and halfway distressed. (She knew me, she pretty much trusted me, but I was still that huge strange being and I was awfully close to her babies.)
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Sunshine is so absolutely trusting its unbelievable. We go in there and play with them and hold them and she doesn't even check up on us!!! But she is excellent with them, she nurses so well and cleans them. I guess she knows we love them too!!
Oh, by the way, yes the last photo is of the one we are keeping.
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Woweee!!! what cute babies!! Oooooh now I must get another kitten!! I love the calico one - absolutely gorgeous!!! they are all beautiful and I think I would have to keep them all too!!! (thats probably why my hubby won't let me breed...:laughing: - still, some day.........)

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Daniela,ahhh the kittens are so lovely,I,m sure I,d feel the same and wan,t to keep them all

Congratulations Sunshine ,she sounds a wonderful mother

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Awwwwwww...They are all so precious!
I wouldn't have been able to decide on which one to keep!
I'd want to keep them all!!
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Well, today two of the kitties went on reserve for someone I know I can't keep them, but I am sooooo sad to see them go soon. They will be leaving in a little over a month and I am already dreading it!!!
The only consolation is they are going to a friend of my brother and I know they will be well loved and cared for. I am still secretly hoping that the other three don't get taken and I'll just HAVE to keep them!!!! SSSHHHH, don't tell my husband, he'll just die.
Thanks to everyone who looked at the photos. I love showing them off.
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Where do you live? Is there any posible way you live in Utah, or close? I could sure take in two kittens. I will love them! If not, can you posibly put them in boxes or envelopes and mail them to me?

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Oooooooh, if only I lived closer to you Alicia, I would love for you to have one of the kittens!!:tounge2: I have read some of your posts and I am sure you'd be a great "mom". Unfortunately I am about as far east as possible, all the way on Cape Cod Massachusetts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course, if you want you could always take a vacation in Oct. and come get one or two!!!!!

Thanks for the post though.
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Oh they are so adorable. It would be so hard to choose one. I noticed a black spot on one of their chins. How sweet.
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Hey Daniela,

In the 5th picture, I LOVE the little black and white one with just a hint of a black smudge on his chin. And...I'll be up in Brewster at the end of this month for the weekend, would love to see them. Are you close to Brewster? They are all adorable. I'd never be able to breed cats cuz I'd never give them up. Cute bunch!

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I am very embarrassed to say that I am not positive where Brewster is. But MA is not so big, so there is a good chance you'll be close by!! I live in Wareham which is right on the Cape Cod Canal (Southeastern MA). If you decide you want to take a peek and you'll be close by then maybe we can meet!!!
Here is my email if you want to chat. ddtolle75@earthlink.net
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