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I'm new to this site and not very good with computers, so I'm not sure I'm even sending a message. My problem: my Sheba is 13 years old and out of no where she seems to be weirded out. She's hiding and won't come out from under the bed. Her behavior is strange. When I managed to get her out she won't go in the kitchen (where her food and water is). Right now she's hiding under a blanket on the couch and the vet can't see her till Monday. I brought her food to her and she did eat. Should I take her to the emergency ckininc or sit tight. I'm going to send this now and hope someone answers back!! Please help me.
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Firstly, welcome to The Cat Site. With Sheba, it could be one of several things. Cat's often hide when they're in pain and because your cat is an older girl, it's important to get her seen by a vet ASAP. Something may be going on with her internal organs such as an infection, she may have hurt a limb or she may just have had a fright. Cats can get Hepatic Lipidosis (liver disease) from not eating for as little a three days so make sure she keeps up her eating. She may also be dehydrated if she's not drinking. If it were my cat, yes, I'd take her to the emergency clinic now as she's made such a change from her normal behaviour.
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I'd vote emergency vet also.

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Thank you so much!!! I'm so upset I've become immobilized. She did just eat and drink for me but I brought it to her. Again thank you! May I keep in touch with you? Like I said before I'm new to this site and I was't even sure my message was getting through.
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Is she drinking water? Is she dehydrated? (You can check for dehydration by lightly pinching up the skin on her neck...if it goes right back down she's OK, but if it "sticks" there for a bit, she's dehydrated.) Can you check her gums and see if they are a happy pink or a dull gray? Has she used the litterbox recently?

I would call around to the vets in your area and see if any are open right now. I know my vet does have Saturday hours....

I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where our experts will be able to give you more help.
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Hi and also welcome! I would agree with Tania if not simply just because of the age of the cat. It doesn't sound like an absolute emergency if she is eating, drinking and using the litter pan? But if she isn't doing all the above, then I would take her in to an ER clinic. If you can feed her canned food with a little bit of water in it, that will help keep her hydrated till Monday when at least the vet visit is less expensive.
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May I keep in touch with you?
Yes, of course, that's what we're here for. Please keep us updated.
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Thank you...I think i just keep hoping she'll get up and be herself. What's wrong with me? She is my first pet and I love her dearly. I don't want anything to be wrong. I'm an intelligient person I should have brought her to the vet yesterday!!!!Please keep in touch with me...
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How can I get to Health and Nuitrition?
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Originally Posted by Mrs. S
Thank you...I think i just keep hoping she'll get up and be herself. What's wrong with me? She is my first pet and I love her dearly. I don't want anything to be wrong. I'm an intelligient person I should have brought her to the vet yesterday!!!!Please keep in touch with me...
You are doing fine!! Breath Mrs S, you'll both pull through this just fine.

You obviously care, else you wouldn't have sought help/advice.
You just got a little overwhelmed.

We've all done this before, and it's all becuase we absolutely LOVE our kitties.

If she's eating/drinking/pottying then I wouldn't classify it as a life threatening emergency, however I would definately get her in to see a vet ASAP. If the only vet available was an emergency clinic, then I would first call the clinic and seek their advice, and if they think that what you describe is worthy of emergency attention, then I would take her into see them.

There are a lot of vets that have saturday hours, regular veterinary clinics are usually a little less expensive, and even if it is not her normal vet, the vet will still be able to give you advice on how to make her better.

Once again, You're doing fine Mrs S. Keep talking to us, and we'll keep trying to help you get through this.

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There is nothing "wrong" with you.On the contrary you show great foresight in coming here to find out if there is something going on. Unless you really know cat language, sometimes it is hard to figure out if something is wrong with them. If only they could talk, but they cannot, so they show us things through behavior patterns and the like to let us know that they don't feel right. They are also very skilled at hiding pain (it is a survival technique that they learned) so sometimes it is to late to help them when they finally give in to the pain they have.

I would do two things. I would take her temperature and see if she is running either a fever or if is sub-normal. You need a pet rectal thermometer and a helper. The best place I have found to put a cat getting their temp taken is on the washing machine. Normal temperature for a cat is 100.5-102.5 any higher the body is cooking an infection and she needs a vet.

Also check for dehydration, scruff her neck gently, hold, and then release. Does the fur go flat in just a few seconds? Or does it stay up tented in anyway? If it stays up? VET! Cats dehydrate very quickly and a feverish and dehydrated cat needs sub cu fluids and vet intervention-

Good luck, and yes, please keep us informed. Someone is always on line here-
edited to amend minutes to seconds- Bad MA! Someone slap me!
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Also check out our Golden Moments forum, perhaps you will find some reassurance or answers there:

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Welcome to TCS!!! I have nothing to add because you have already received some great advice. Please let us know how it goes at the vet.

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