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Might as well as to show my face:)

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Some of you may know me but I'll introduce myself. I am valan's (Heidi) husband. I was interested in the board for sometime but got involved other wise in IMO However, I thought it would be time for me to say hello. On the professional side of my life, I'm a Producer and Engineer of a nationally syndicated radio show (The Monsters of Rock Show) and a Club manager here locally. I also do a lot of tech support for a few friends and internet security. Hobbies include, computers, music, movies (between me and Heidi we have close to 300 DVD's in our libary) History (especially with the Cold War) and a few other things here and there. Whelp, I guess that’s enough about me
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Howdy and Welcome to TCS!

Look forward to seeing much more of you, I'm sure Heidi will make sure you play nice

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If he doesn't she has the power to zap him- both on the board and at home! Hi Earl, nice to see you come out of the shadows
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Hello Arg0, looking forward to reading more.
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Hi Arg0, nice to meet you.

Does this mean we get double the amount of pictures?!?!
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Welcome to TCS!!!

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Hi Earl! Nice to finally hear from Heidi's other half!

And just a note, whatever Heidi has told you about me, it's not true!

Hope you enjoy your time here.

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Hi and welcome officially to the site.
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Thanks for the Welcome, like I said, thought I should show my face since people have been wondering
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Well, now I say! The last thing I expected was to hear that one. I almost fell off the chair with that one!

I better treat you nicely... to avoid getting zapped by Heidi. She will make sure you behave nicely around here.

Hmm.... I am seriously considering about inviting Vicky over to TCS... You people will probably jump down the window at the thought of two of us conspiring around here.
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Trust me, there's no conspiring at our house! I think I just talked about this place so much he finally decided to check it out and see what the fuss was all about. I have no influence on his posts, just as he has no influence on mine.
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Hey Earl! Glad to see you join us! Welcome!!
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conspiracy? what conspiracy? *runs off with the Men in Black chasing him...
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welcome welcome welcome
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Welcome Earl- Nice to meet Trent & Ophelia's daddy!!!

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