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Picasso scratches his eyes & chin so bad they bleed, scab & look really bad. I haven't changed anything - no new food, litter - nothing. I took him to the MD & he put him on some ointment& antibiotic for his eyes & chin. I didn't give him the antibiotic because I didn't feel he needed it - there was/is no infection. He also gave him a steroid shot. which lasted a couple of weeks (3 wks tops) & now it's back.
I feel SO BAD. What can I do to help him??
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It sounds like an allergy. Could it be fleas? Have you been using a new laundry detergent or air freshener? Perhaps there are other changes in your house that you haven't thought about. I wish I had some advice for you...hopefully someone else will give you other ideas and suggestions.
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my 6 month old kitten phobe just was at the vet to get a steroid shot of depo medrol for a puffy pink swollen chin the vet said was allergies. it didnt seem to bother or itch her and we have no idea what is causing it. the med hasnt had time to wear off yet so im scared it will return. But the vet did say it could be caused by some kind of seasonal allergy just like humans get. I know its hard but keep searching for what may be causing it, but maybe when the first frost comes it will get better. I hope so! If not I'd go back to the vet, there are some medications you can put your kitty on i think to help. I hope your kitty gets better.
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The only thing you can do other than give steriods for the duration is to get to the bottom of it. These days they can do tests to find the offending substance. As far as the food goes, you don't have to switch brands in order for them to develope an allergy. So anything is possible at this point. You may want to discuss the options for finding out what he is allergic to.
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my kitty phoebes lip problem is back, its about the time the steroid should have wore off to. Now its her upper lip, its red and i think it itches her sometimes. I wonder sometimes if it is an allergy or something else. What is the status on Picasso? Do you just keep giving your kittys steroid injections, mine has side effects to it that the vet says are very rare. So i dont want to keep doing that because of long term and the short term side effects. Does anyone have any other information on this problem or if it could be something other than allergys?
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phoebes upper lip around her front teeth and cheecks are sooo swollen today. IM so worried, she acts perfectly fine, doesnt seem to itch her at all. But its soo big and puffy. I dont know what to do. Im not sure weather to take her back and get the cotizone again becasue there are side effects that cant be good for her in the long run. I cant find anything specifically about her problem on the internet either, i just read about how kitties get itchy but she is not. Its just the swolleness is the problem. I dont want it to get puffy enough to obstuct her airways. Im very worried. I dont know if its her food, if its the fall, if its my hairspray, or our other kitty joey kissing her too much! how do you find out what it is that is causing it, or if it even is an allergy if it doesnt itch her? Siigh, its just sad too look at her little face cus it looks like she has big buck teeth under her cheeks.
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