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Charlie The Trapper

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Hey folks! My name is Charlie and I am new to these boards. I reign up in the suburbs outside of Cleveland, Ohio near the metroparks, a river valley that runs behind msot people's apartments and houses. From deer to racoons, it is a place where cats are routinely dump and can breed in freedom. Bad problems in Fairview Park, the city where I am.

I did some trapping last winter of three ferals, two boys and a girl. They were both adults and I did the traditional TNR for all three.

My trap was borrowed and I returned it.

But right before this winter my wife and I almost hit a kitten who ran under our car as we were putting in!

With cat food and a cat carrier with rope and a week of waiting for the kitten to return, I caught her.

Kiara took a while to calm down and a lot of love, but she did calm. Saldy we discovered one day her body was leaking a puss'ish substance from her vaginal area.

She had pyometra, her belly was always swollen, but Vet assumed it was worms and kept giving has medicine for it.

She had an emergancy surgery that cost about $600.00, but she came out fine and is sweeter than ever.

This spring we started to get more members to our one small colony. Four 2 1/2 month old kitties. Two oranges, a cowish colored one, and something special...

A Manx.

Being a pure bred type of cat, I knew somebody probably dumped the poor no-tailed creature into the valley.

Manx was a sweetie and was braver than other cats, coming up to me with the lure of tuna, just barely letting me touch her. But, she is quick... Never could grab her.

Nightly I'd go out, let out my own mewing, and she would come running to me, awaying just two or three yards away.

Throwing her food to trying to trap her with my old cat carrier and rope trick, it failed twice when it was so close. Poor Manx would have no more of walking fully inside boxes again.

Finally, I have invested in a trap, and it is night 4.

She will eat the little bit of food around trap, and some just inside of it. She will enter, but just shy of setting it off.

I put cardboard at the bottom and a towel over it.

Since than I have caught an adult calico who I TNR'ed and have watched Manx walk around it than cry and follow me.

Stopped feeidng them two months ago and have used tuna and smelly canned kitty food.

Now Manx walks to my building in the complex, far from where I feed her and safety, and cries up at my apartment on the third floor.

I really want Manxy to come inside and be with me. I will post some piccies soon.

Am I lining the trap right? What bait works best?

Trapper Charlie
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Hi Trapper C- try lining the bottom with just one thin layer of newspaper. Also use kippered herring according to lotsocats, this is a tried and true favorite and can be found in the store next to the sardines. I have also used catnip, which works for the wily ones, and even added a bit of the catnip into their smelly catfood.

Good luck,and bless you for doing this!
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Welcome to the site!!! Glad to read about your TNR efforts.

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