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Introducing Bradley!

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Well, we did it we got another cat! Or maybe i should say that Athena won?
Just a little backgroud a Athena is a rescue that is living with us and she has been very depressed and vocal for the last month or so... she came form a muti cat home, was placed in one then..... she ended up back with us, a two dog home.

We didn't start out planning on bringing one home today, knew that we would be getting another cat, Athena just needs a campion. We went to the local cat rescue here to see a dark grey tabby named Geroge, but this one male mostly white with a black chin, and a few black patchs on him, kept following us around. hence after about twenty mintues of George evading us and Kool Cat, recently renamed Bradley, following us and rubing up agaisnt us. We got a new cat.
He's already put both dogs, which he happens to be bigger than, in their place, and wouldn't you know it Athena won't have anything to do with him, walks by him as if he doesn't even exist....
Oh well i guess you haven't lived until you have been ignored by a cat!
One day i'll post picture, i promise!!!
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[IMG]C:\\My Documents\\My Pictures\\brad.jpeg[/IMG]
this is bradley
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Oops, can't see it
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I can't see it either...

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In order to use the IMG tags, the photo has to be stored online. www.photobucket.com is one site that allows remote linking.

Congratulations on adopting Bradley!
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Thanks... maybe i'll figure it out yet.....
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good for you
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Yay!!!! Hope to see pics of Bradley soon.
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Bradley where are you?
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Email me the pic to Ginger@KittyOats.com and I will post it for you if you want.

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any piccys yet?
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