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I was given a booklet about cat/kitten care and it had an article on bathing your cat to lessen shedding. I was wondering if anyone baths their cat regularly and how they got started. I imagine the first time they are all teeth and claws, but I'd love to be able to keep her clean and lessen her fur loss on my couch!
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Cngrats on your new kitty
MY kitchen sink is double sided. I fill one side up with warm water and put a towel down on the other side. I cut a hole in the towel to go over the drain. I put Dori down on the towel (she seems to feel more comfortable if she can grip something) I hold the scruff of her neck, not real tight and I don't pick her up by the scruff just hold it and I use a cup to pour the water from the other side of the sink on her. She seems to do better with no water running and without actually standing submerged in water. I don't wash her head either. I have some stuff called Epi-otic I use to clean her ears and that's all. I am scared of gettin water inside her ears f I wash her head so I don't bother. The hardest part is rinsing her tummy. After her bath I dry her off really well with a towel, give her treats and then release her. She is mad with me at first, but usually loves me again before she is even completely dry. Oh, and I also turn the ac so it doesn't come on while she is wet so she doesn't get cold. I tried blow drying her once and she hated it! Hope this helps
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Do you use a cat shampoo or a baby shampoo? I have been told that you can use a mild baby shampoo because it wont harm her skin.
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I used to use Johnson's Baby Shampoo, I might be wrong, but I think I remember my vet telling me that would dry out her skin so I use something called Pure Pet for cats. (She was getting flaky skin when I was using the baby shampoo).
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ok thanks, I have a gerber sensitive baby shampoo, I might try that today and get her a kitty shampoo when I go to the supermarket tomorrow. I just hope I wont be going to get Band Aids as well!!!! I will try the towel in the sink thing too, I have a double sink also.
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Hi Gail,

I periodically have had to bathe ferals and strays and since I treasure my arms and hate high doctor bills from cat bites and scratches, this is the system I have developed over time.
Cycle dry towels in the dryer prior to the bath. Take them out while they are toasty warm and put them somewhere that they can retain heat. I stick them in my microwave- but don't turn the oven on.

Take two buckets, fill one completely full of warm water, and the second bucket, fill it about 2/3 full of warm water. Take the cat and place her in the bucket that is 2/3's full rear feet first. She will then be standing, supported by the bucket and her claws are digging into the lip of the bucket, and not your arm. Scruff her gently by the neck, and using a cup, pour water from the full bucket all over her until she is nice and wet. Most cats are scared of the noise a sprayer or shower head makes. Using just a few drops of Dawn dishwashing lotion, scrub kitty, rinse her down, and tuck her into a warmed towel to get her dry.

This is quite literally the best way to bathe, because the cat feels safe, there is no slick surface to skid on, and because she wants to dig her claws into something, the lip of the bucket is a better alternative than your arm!
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ok another great idea, if one doesnt work I'll try the other. Thanks everybody. This is such a friendly site!!!!

p.s. can I ask you how you got your avatar changed? I cant change mine from the ones that are offered.
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I'd like to report that the bathing experience went well, she is now trying to lick herself dry hehehe. She didnt fuss too much, only tried to get out once, she basically just sat there and took it!! I tried the double sided sink option first, put a bit of water in the first sink with a towel and stood her in it, then transferred water via a cup from the second sink. She loved being towel dried!! oohhh she smells so pretty hehehee ty again everyone.
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