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Maine Coone Look Alike

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Not sure why I have a "bee in my bonnet" about this but I do. I have a beautiful blue grey long haired tabby that I would swear with money was a Maine Coon only that I got him at a shelter labeled as a domestic medium hair when he was 6 months.
I have read a ton and viewed picture after picture and he has it alll...the hair is exactly like a Maine Coon....from the hairy ears to a magnificant bushy tail. He has a beautiful ruff with the short hair on his shoulders, the long belly fur with thick long britches on his legs. His upper coat is lengthening and becoming quite long. He has absolutely huge feet with the tufts... and on and on. He definitely has the personality and although he does meow (he does like to talk) when he wants something it's this high pitched meow that is funny for such a big cat. He is 11 months old, about 13 pounds and he is big, boxy and long. He's getting to be a lug but he abslolutely adores hanging upside down from my arms to stretch and get a good belly scratch. He is incredibly quick and agile....positively leaping into the air which is so opposite of my little timid black kitty (same age). He is most beautiful and most gentle....I've never met such a gentle cat. He's amazingly easy going and LOVES to play. He likes dogs and loves to fetch. He has beautiful golden almond shaped eyes with the square muzzle and high cheekbones with that beautiful cheeky hair. His colors are blue grey stripes with the creamy peach. He has a white patch on the chest. And his fur....the belly is like a rabbit and his upper coat is getting long and silky....he's so soft. They've had two maine coons at the shelter, both grey tabbies and he looks literally, exactly like them only even more beautiful (am I biased?) :-) My question, I know I will never really know and more than likely he is a beautiful domestic med/ long hair but my question would be, is it common to have a mixed breed with so many of a purebred's qualities? I keep looking for somthing that isn't "Miane Coon" but it's all there. Just wondering. Wish I had a picture but I can honestly say he looks and acts like a Maine coon. Any thoughts? Although I know he isn't purebred I'm thinking he could be a mix. He's a wonderful cat no matter but for some reason I am just so curious.
Thanks for reading! :-)
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it's wonderful that you found such a loving pet from the shelter. Thank-you for adopting him.

When you get pictures, please post them. We LOVE pictures.

Your thoughts on the Main Coon thing sounds exactly what's going through my head with my newcomer Kanga. Here is his cat page http://www.thecatsite.com/cat_pages/...es.php?cat=610

It is very possible that he is a main Coon mix, but hey, what about a Turkish Van mix? or an angora? http://www.giveusahome.co.uk/breeder...ges/angora.htm

or a Nebelung? http://www.pgaa.com/feline/general/nebelung.html

Just some suggestions for you.
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My KittenKiya is a Maine Coon that we got from the Humane Society when he was just a kitten. We thought someone had tried to kill him because he had this huge knot on his head, and boy, was he ever slow to develop. He was 7 months old before he meowed and when he did, he scared himself. He didn't know what had happened. If your baby has a ruff around his neck, if he is gentle and loving, has the long hairs in his ears, then I would say you have yourself a treasure. And if he looks like a Maine Coon, he more than likely is.
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My cat, Zeus, is just over a year old and I have always thought he was part Maine Coon. He is a large, long and heavy cat and he is very gentle. He has a square muzzle, ear tufts, a huge bushy tail, tufts between each of his toes and long, silky fur. Here's a couple pictures of him!

I took this picture of Zeus and put a picture of a black Maine Coon beside him. Do you think Zeus has Maine Coon in his blood?

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I'm not sure if it will be a Turkish Van or Angora since they don't normally come in gray - esp. the Van, but it could be a mix, Maine Coon, Nebelung, Siberian or a maybe a Norwegian Forest Cat.

For example for the Van - Kuce fits the major parts of the fur coat length and pattern for the Van. They have to be white with only the patterns on their head, tail and some on the back. She does have fur tufts on her feet though.
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Hi, I am a maine coon breeder and It sure sounds as though you have a maine coon there. I have seen pure bred coons at the humane society so there is a chance you even have a pure bred. He sounds lovely!!! and you are lucky to have happened upon him.

Congocoon Cattery
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He is gorgeous
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Zeus looks just like my cat Audrey... Don't you just love that face!!!! I know Audrey is not a Maine Coon though because Isabelle is her mother and her father was a rather large male pure black short haired cat stray cat that used to hang around my old apartment.
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My boy Winston also looks maine coon. I raised him from newborn, bottle fed him because his mom was hit by a car. I don't know who owned the mother, but I am so grateful I got him before it was too late. This guy is my baby and my best friend.
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grrrr... dunno why the pic won't show?
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Hi there,

Speaking from the shelter side of things......

It is VERY possible that the person who labeled your baby was not familiar with pure bred kitties. It is also VERY possible that the person who labeled the other Maine Coon cats was not the same person who labeled your cat. There is an extreme amount of turnover at shelters (due to the difficulty of the work both physically and mentally) and often times, the employees/volunteers are new and learning.

There is NEVER a way to tell for sure, but my guess would be that he/she is nearly (if not full) purebred Maine Coon.

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I have a similar situation. I got my cat from the Humane Society. The older he gets, the more he looks like a Maine Coon. Here he is at 10 months old with my 12 yr old half-Persian cat. He's the black cat on the left.

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encke..wow..stunning cats.

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