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I talked to Natalia's mom...

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I found her mom at the mall and talked to her on it, this morning...

She was very busy, so when I told her I needed to talk she was weary to talk, so I told her it was serious, about her daughter. I was starting to get nervous, so I told her "It's very serious and delicate".

I believe she must have had many appointments, but she didn't let loose of me until I finished the talking. I just let loose and said everything... when I was finished she had lost her color, and was dead white. I was starting to regret having said that, as she was starting to look like if she was going to faint.

When she started talking again, she mentioned she was fearing Natalia may have been doing something similar, as she was very aloof, forgetting everything, and "on the other side of the moon".... just not herself, and neglecting everything.

I told her where I suspected that Natalia may hide something (Its where she hides in her room things she doesn't want her parents to find). She told me that Natalia was home alone right now (in PR school ends in May, instead of June).... it got me thinking of what may she be doing.

She said she was cancelling everything and going home... she says she needs to talk this with her. She is thanking me a bit for telling me, but she is more in state of shock.
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hugs to you for being such a caring friend, Victor! At least now, if something were to happen to your friend, you wouldn't have the burden of "I knew, but I didn't say anything" to carry. Hopefully her mom can get her some help! I'm very proud of you!
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You definitely did the right thing. Unfortunately, it may take your friend Natalia a while to see it that way. I hope everything works out ok.
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I believe you did the right thing. Sometimes we are forced to do things like this when someones life is at stake. It's hard but it was the right thing to do. Another thing, (and I think I remember this correctly but correct me if I am wrong) wasn't this something your girlfriend brought to your attention? If so, I want to commend you on being there for her and being brave enough to speak to her friends mom for her. Many, but not all men, are wonderful enough to stand by their girlfriends and help them through something like this. She is a lucky girl Also, maybe Natalia's mom won't even mention to her where she received the information and then you won't have to worry about her being upset with you. If not, and she is mad, don't take it to heart. I turned a friend in for something once and she was mad, our friendship ended. I ran into her 4 years later and she thanked me for what I did. As kids we tend to not see the long term consequences of our actions, but later on we realize.
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Way to go, Victor. I really believe you did the right thing. Since Natalia's mother was already worried that there was a problem, your confirming her suspicions will hopefully lead to some effective intervention. Maybe Natalia will thank you in the long run.
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Squirtle: Yes, that was something first noted by Vicky. She is closer to Natalia than me, and she was the one who brought it to my attention. I just did what I did.

I am guessing I did the right thing... I can't allow something bad to happen to her.

Her mom called me a while ago... it is alright.... there was pot in the closet of Natalia's room, and a bit in the pockets of her jackets. She had a "talk" with her.... basically confronting her with this. Natalia denied it at first, but then she broke into tears. She is basically saying that she simply felt hollow, abandoned, alone (she mentioned she got to have suicide thoughts)... without will to anything, and the point came when she started in drugs to experiment and feel better... When it became addictive, she simply could not face the idea of having a problem, and tried to hide from the reality of it, yet she knew there was a problem.

She knows that it was me who told her mother... it only put her to more tears and fists. She's angry with Vicky and her "brother-like cousin" (me).

This what I told her mother: She mentioned the textbook symptoms of a real depression (I have depression, I am still having panic attacks now and then). Probably she has a depression and it led her to drugs. On the depression, take her to the doctor pronto. On the drug abuse, I don't know what its called, or anything about it, but there are treatments, and they've got the money to do it. They are both doctors, they know about it.

Now that she is calmer, she is thanking me and Vicky, telling me that I did the right thing, and thanking me for caring about her so much... I don't feel I did anything heroic... I just did the natural, did I?

I guess I put her parents on having to take nerve calmants, but her situation I think it will get better... they will work to fix her and it will get better - I hope.
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Victor do you hear that thunderous noise coming from NYC?

That's a whole subway car jumping up and down with joy for you! Yeah, we get a little dramatic here!
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Fantastic job, you are a hero Victor. Will keep Natalie in my prayers and hope she is able to kick this now she will be receiving some support from her parents and hopefully some experts. Well Done!!
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Don't doubt yourself Victor, you did what you know in your heart to be the only option.

You did the right thing.

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Be very proud Victor!!!!! I just wish someone would have done something like that for my b/f. You made a big difference in her life. she may not think so right now. But I promise you she will someday! Be proud and walk tall............you did what needed to be done.

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Well done Victor, I know how nervous you were about telling Natalia's Mom.
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