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Natural dog repellent

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I planted some flowers in my garden about 2 months ago, my neighbour has 2 dogs that run free much to my landlords chagrin (they run under cars when they try to drive up the driveway, and the neighbour has not done anything about it, even after my landlord suggested building a run for them)
Anyways, they are little dogs - one is a pomeranian and the other is a little terrier mix.
To get back to the point, those dogs keep pooping in my garden - they have buried several of my flowers and killed one of them I keep catching them in the act and telling them to go away doesn't make any difference, they still do it.
Is there some kind of natural stuff I can make that will repel those pests but not kill my flowers? I don't like to work in the garden with dog poo all the time, I want to keep it up - yesterday, when I was working on it, I couldn't believe the amount of dog poo there was!

Also, they have another dog, a bigger one, that keeps trying to attack the cats through the window screen, I have complained about it but nothing has been done, is there anything I can do to stop him? I am afraid that he will break through the screen somehow (he scratches at it) and attack Peedoodle and Kahu (Peedoodle was declawed by his previous owners and Kahu is deaf so they have those disadvantages in defending themselves) and what if we are not home and the dog manages to break through the screened windows? I get so frustrated at them. Well, in actuality, the dog belongs to the neighbours ex hubby who has taken free reign of the place and he is not even on the lease and landlady has tried telling them over and over that he should not be here, but nothing has been done by them - we all have tried.

If this is in the wrong forum, please move it.

Thanks in advance.
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Doggie poo in the garden? Isn't that good fertilizer?

Seriously, I seem to remember some kind of ultrasonic gadget that sticks in your garden and is used to repel shrews, moles, groundhogs, and whatever. I am wondering if it could not be used to repel dogs as well? You may have to put up a fence to keep the dogs out since you have a neighbor who is irresponsible.
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Caspar - I live in a duplex so we share a lawn (unfortunately)

An ultrasonic thingy? I will have to look into it if it is not expensive.
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why don't you talk to the landlord and collaberate to build a fence together?

Forget them, obviously nothing can be done to make them do anything for themselves so you and the landlord are left to solve the problem yourself.

"If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself"
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Kellye do you have a local seed & feed store or maybe Lowes, Home depot?
They make a dog and cat repellent works fairly well, we don't have much of problem
with dogs as we do racoons, deer, and bunnies they are a pain to repel
we use a mixture of red pepper and garlic to help keep these out.
But do it outside! The smell in the house is BAD, throw it in a blender with a little
water drip it on the plants, deer don't like at all
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Kellye, there's a plant sold at many garden centers (and Wal-Mart, at least in Omaha) that is supposed to repel both dogs and cats. It's called the "Piss Off Plant". I've heard that it works if you plant enough of them (so maybe spaced a foot or two apart at the perimeter of the yard?). As far as the window screen is concerned, would your landlady agree to "Pet Screen" in the window, or a decorative grate outside the window? A less expensive, and temporary, option would be to buy a piece of wooden, plastic or metal "trellis", and cut it to size and wedge it either inside or outside the window frame. Or simply some chicken wire, though that doesn't look so good.
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Kiwideus, there was a time that my source for dog repellent was manufactured by Smith and Wesson. I came to the stark reality that they are creatures of our CREATOR and I had to change my tactics; good thing for the dogs, and me to I suppose. The electronic things work, BUT...they are directional. I read that someone is using garlic and cayenne...I suppose that the garlic attracts them and the cayenne leaves behind a heated signal of scat! I have a Karelian Bear Dog that is very little...she's a Russian...first generation American. If you'd like to see what she looks like go to Google click on IMAGES and type in Karelian Bear Dog...she looks like the one on the upper right hand corner; her name is ABBY (FATHERS JOY). The reason I mention her is that she loves Garlic and she loves hot peppery stuff...BUT...Abby has displayed a STRONG dislike for Melaleuca commonly called "TEA TREE OIL". It is labeled "TEA TREE OIL" at the pharmacy area of WalMart. Cost is around $5.00 for a bottle. I have four digging cannines next door that are destroying our common fence...I plan to hand a rag soaked with Melaleuca Oil near the dig site and see if the neighbors dogs dislike the oil as much as Abby does. I hope for the dogs sake and mine to that I don't trigger back to my old nature. BTY keep your Melaleuca Oil around in the medicine cabinet or in the kitchen near the stove...Melaleuca Oil is good for burns, minor infections, skeeter bites, cuts...I was a Welder for over 30 years and have had occasion to use Melaleuca Oil on the nastiest of 3rd degree burns. WARNING: very few are allergic to Melaleuca Oil, but be advised that it is a good idea to put a little on...say...underneath the forarm area and watch it to see if you get an allergic REDDENING or RASH reaction. Forgot to mention that I saw another dog repellent acts much like a sprinkler w/motion detector...It detects the motion and turns on a water might want to make sure that it is not pointed to the sidewalk at passers by...that would be a good project for CANDID CAMERA!
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citronella plant .... many pet store s have granules in a organge tetra pack ... lemon juice , red pepper
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Is there any sort of animal control there? and leash laws?

Report the larger dog as aggressive and the smaller ones as nuisances since they run into traffic.
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Kiwideus, I don't know if posting websites is allowed. If it is some good source is off a web ink from this site. I see that someone posted CITRONELLA plant also...Citronella is also bottled in liquid form. Here's the link I found on : The article states: “Anti-barking collars that squirt citronella when your dog barks can do the trick. Most dogs hate both the hissing noise of the squirt and the smell of citronella itself.” CITRONELLA comes in liquid form.

I also ran across: Farnam Repel II Dog & Cat Repellent 2 lbs (looks like a 1/2 gallon size container):
The neighbors dogs that are destroying my fence also POOP (no matter how you spell's a four letter word) in the corner by my yard. I figure I can scatter these granuals in the dogs favorite spot and if it works they'll choose to put their caca in another location next door.

I'm starting with CITRONELLA OIL and MELALEUCA (Tea Tree) OIL where they are digging.

We just moved her in September...I wish I was renting rather than making house payments...
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Wow - I forgot all about this - I moved far away from that duplex and to another country where I don't have a problem with dogs anymore. BUT I think this information will be useful to anyone!

Thanks guys!
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I would suggest an elephant. Squish the little poopers flat Seriously though, my experience of the ultrasonic gadgets is that they don't work. In my case it drove me nuts because I could hear it - even after making sure that the batteries were fresh! But I think it's worth the try. If you can come to a peaceful solution, then anything is worth trying out once, right?

Failing that, get a sign that reads "Trespassers will be shot - survivors will be shot again".
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Originally Posted by LilleKat View Post
I would suggest an elephant. Squish the little poopers flat

Bets of luck to repel these critters..I would definately report the bigger one as aggresive though. Don't want to risk your furries.
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Is it too late to get a cactus or two?
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Originally Posted by StacyD1987 View Post
Is it too late to get a cactus or two?
I think so!
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Just a note of caution. Keep Tea Tree Oil away from your cats - it is toxic to them.
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