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Cone problems with injured cat

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I am hving some issues and concerns with my cat Cupid, whi has to wear a cone for a week. Let me first explain what happened...

Last Friday, Cupid broke off a nail on his rear right foot. We don't know how it happened cause we were playing with him and he was having a good time and running and stuff and only when he rolled over on his back did we notice his foot was bloody.

The vet removed the nail and cleaned up the wound, and wrapped up his foot.

Then Thursday, the vet asked that we put a cone on him instead in order to let the wound breath and heal. The problem was that Cupid is a very flexible cat and coudl still reach his foot. A bigger cone wasn't an option because in order to get one where he couldn't reach his foot, the cone was soo big he couldn't sit down anymore, so the vet stayed with a smaller cone and put a loose fitting sock on his foot...She wants him to have the cone for 7 days.

He had a cone before, when he was fixed, but that cone was smaller and also it was transparent, whereas this one is no.

After only 1 day, my problems are:

A) Cupid is being picked on by Charm, our other cat. Normally Cupid is the dominant cat, but with his cone and his foot injury, he can't be dominant. She is going around and sitting in all of Cupids normal spots and it is really annoying him.he growls and hisses at her. She is also being rought with Cupid, hitting his cone around, stopping him from eating, etc...

B). He can't really play much. He slept more than usual. He seems depressed. Are there any "cone-friendly" games I can play with Cupid to cheer him up? He tries to run and gets stuck inthe carpet.

C) Is it ok to remove the cone for an hour or so in order to allow him to run and be himself. I am affraid of doing this becuase if I keep taking it off and putting it on him, that he might feel like he is being punished or something.

Thanks for the help.
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I would keep Cupid secluded in a room and quiet with no activity if it were me. I would keep him away from the other cats, go in and just sit on the floor and read to him and let him know he is special. I wouldn't be engaging in any sort of play with him until his cone is off. You might even want to look into the Bach Flower remedies if he wants to be rambunctious right now, just to keep him on an even level for the remainder of his time in the cone. I would also let him sleep with you while shutting the others out of the bedroom at night. That's what I would do.
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