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Meow-er my cat won't stop!!

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Hey all,
i'm hoping that maybe someone out there can help me. I have two cats, Gin & Tonic. I got them when they were 3 months old, and they are now just over a year. Recently Gin won't stop meowing..they are both fixed, and they do keep each other company. I leave food down for them, and they have water in their bowl and from the bathroom tap. But Gin just sits by the door or window and meows. sometimes he even sits in front of me doing it...at first i told him to stop, and now i ask him whats wrong. if he's meowing by the door and i ask him what's wrong, most of the time he comes running over to me and starts meowing in my lap..
I don't know what to do. it's becoming constant. even at night when my husband and i are trying to sleep.

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any drastic change in behavior first warrents a VET check as to eliminate any possible medical problems.

Only after you have an al clear from the vet ask yourself was there a change of any sort? When did it first start?
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Agreed that a vet visit is warranted. Then my thoughts would be there is a new cat outside, perhaps spraying near your window that is getting Gin all worked up. Plus is Gin neutered? If not, he needs to be, that will calm him down as well. Cats have intense scent glands and can smell all sorts of things we don't. You need to figure out what it is he sees and smells, but first off take him to the vet.
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Goldilocks2oo1..some cats are just "vocal"...but I also suggest you have him checked over by a vet just to be on the safe side. If that checks out..then you should see if there are any outdoor cats that may be getting Gin rillied up. If that isn't the case..I'd ask your vet about finding a behaviorist...sometimes you need to have someone "there" look over the situation.

Good Luck,


P.S. My parents recently "adopted" a cat who once was an outdoor cat....he is VERY VOCAL. We are unsure if he is a natural "talker" or if his time on the streets made him into one....what I can say is that over time, he has adjusted more to living "indoors" although he still wants to get "out"...so perhaps your kittens were once outdoor kittens and the one misses it a bit (not suggesting you should let them out ever) but it may be a bit of information for you to work with.
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