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The 'Silly Dreams' Thread!

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Last night I had the darndest dream: I met James Bond! Or maybe it was Sean Connery? Or both? Dreams are weird. Anyway, he'd retired from the spy business and was teaching at university — although I've no idea which university it was.

I was sent to Bond in order to find a job. Did I mention dreams are weird? So I knocked and entered his smallish office, where he was standing behind a desk shuffling papers and discussing appointments with his secretary. I put out my hand and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Bond." He briefly shook my hand while saying, "That's not necessary." (?) Gesturing me to a chair, he sat down behind the desk and said I could have the job if I wanted.


We then adjourned to his home, which was a rather modest older house located on a larger-than-average piece of residential property. After offering me a drink, he took me on a tour of the grounds; and it was then he revealed the nature of the job: maintenance! (Big deal, huh?) He wanted me to mow the lawn, pull the weeks, wash the windows, et cetera.

I immediately decided I'd sub-contract the work and become a lay-about, so I proceeded to interview people for the actual job of work. End of dream.

It rather reminded me of when I first attended the University of Oregon and took a one-day job offered by the university's student-employment office: I was to wash the windows on a professor's house.


When I arrived at the work site, I was reluctantly greeted by the professor's wife — who was so condescending I wanted to vomit. I was, you see, a mere student!

Later, while I was at the top of a ladder replacing screens after washing the second-storey windows, a police officer came around the corner with his gun drawn: "Hold it right there!" he exclaimed. "Yeah, sure," I said (thinking it was some kind of joke). "No, I'm serious!" he quickly added. So I came down the ladder and went to the front door with him and his partner.


We rang the door bell three times before Mrs. High and Mighty Professor's Wife bothered to answer. She looked at me as though she'd no idea who I was or what the window-washing was all about. The police, who never once addressed me, told her a neighbor had called believing a break-in was in progress! The cops finally decided I wasn't a burglar and left, without so much as a "Pardon me!" — which I'd thought I'd earned after having a loaded gun pointed at me.

At least Professor Bond was nicer to this window washer than was the real-life university establishment!

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I had a weird dream a few years ago that still bugs me.

I dreamt I was asleep at my dad's house. My cat, Napoleon, woke me up. He stood on the end of the bed and said,"Potato, potato, potato." Then he picked up a diamond-encrusted cane and put on a top hat and did a little dance.

When I woke up (for real) he was sitting at the bottom of my bed staring at me. I had a horrible sense of deja vu and kept waiting for him to dance again. I still can't figure out what the dream meant. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
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That's a great dream! I love the imagery! "And now, ladies and gentlemen, we're honored to have with us Napoleon — who will perform 'The Potato Dance'!"

I asked Michaela if she knew about the potato dance. She stared at me, then came over and gave me a rub. I'll know more in the morning.


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My dreams are so weird!!! So I picked none of the above....they just don't make any sense at all in real life....but I usually always enjoy them, and wish I could remember them....alot of times I have romance in my dreams....or I am held hostage, and fall in love with my captor...(what the heck does THAT mean?) and I alot of times dream I am living in some other house....I have that house intermingled with so many dreams, that I feel like I have really been in it! *spooky huh?* :laughing:
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The vast majority of my dreams make absolutely no sense whatsoever, but usually contain cameo appearances by people I've known in real life — apart from this last "big" one where I met James Bond, that is!

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My dreams are mostly like action films If I had written them down, they would make nice action movies I believe In my dreams, some bad guys always chase me to kill me but never achieve to do so.

I remember once though, I was chased by dogs & bad people and was finally shot from my head. I felt the coldness of the bullet in my head as it was real ! I remembered that cold feeeling even when I woke up & it was weird
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Joe and Debby and AlexNell; I have two distinct types of dreams: Prophetic (which sometimes scare me because my experience has been that over 85% of them have come true) :bat :bat And the others are extremely Comedic. . . .(talk about two extremes) Joe; Not to alarm you, but I dreamt just last week that we met! (havent figured out yet if it was Prophetic or Comedic) Michaela and Tonya and MoMo and Handsoe were in it and it all seemed very realistic and "matter-of-fact". . . . .
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Dodo.....I also have many dreams about the bad guys chasing me and trying to kill me, and although they never do catch me...I always end up having "feelings" for one of them, and he feels the same for me...is that weird or what??????????????
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Dodo, I'm sorry you've had such a strange dream! Wow! In my dreams I've been chased by bad guys, too; but whenever they're about to catch me (or whatever it is they're planning to do) I always wake up.

Three-Legged Kat, I hope I was a nice guy! I've got to run this by Michaela and Tonya. More on that later.

Debby, we've got to figure out how you can be chased by James Bond! According to my dream, he's got a nice house and a good job!

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I don,t really have many dreams,but I remember a dream I had in my childhood.I think the film Jason and the Argranauts (sorry about the spelling )affected me because I had the same dream every night for over a week.Well do you all remember the giant metal man,well I dream't that he was chasing my youngest brother and I until we came to a cliff,we jumped and the giant followed.It was strange because we began to float slowly down,but the giant plummeted down the cliff at a fast speed and broke into pieces.I,m glad it was a happy ending,everytime I see the film I go cold

Mr Cat,this is a very interesting thread,its so funny what we dream about,maybe your dream of James Bond is you, really wanting to be the next 007

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Debby, Mr Cat

As you know, dreams are mostly mirrors of our inner psychology. I wonder what actully causes us to see such dreams. We must be mentally &/emotionally struggling with something I guess ?? (I don't know how to put meanings to dreams ?? )

I know that when I feel pressured with something in real life, I have similar dreams; I can't catch a very important exam, or I will be about to give birth but can never do so because of many stupid things ! I used to see tens of budgies biting my hand before, too, but not anymore.

I think everyone has dreams but some people can't remember them.
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Aristocat, you may be on to something there! I could use a nice Aston Martin, not to mention a bevy of "admiring" ladies! Oh, well: I just walked past a full-length mirror. Something tells me "M" and "Q" — and surely Ms Moneypenny — would encourage me to find a different line of work!

Dodo, that's kind of creepy about those biting budgies! I got bit by a parrot years ago, at the Parrot Jungle in Miami (Florida). As Alfred Hitchcock would surely say, "Who needs teeth when you have a nice beak?" Yeah, I've had dreams of the "frustrating" genre too: I'm supposed to do thus-and-such, but for various reasons I can't. Help! It's too much like the waking world!

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I was told by my daughter way back when never to tell anyone my dreams for fear that I'd be locked up!

I have strange dreams. It's usually when I'm either very tired, stressed or have had something to eat before bed. I don't suggest eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's Triple Carmel Chunk Ice Cream before sleeping.

I have kept a journal of my dreams when I can remember them. They go from absolutely depressing to borderline whacko. I dream about relatives that have been dead for over 25 years, criminals chasing me threatening to kill me, ringing phones that don't answer, knocking on doors with no one home, drugs, you name it.

I have been told that when you dream about people(especially loved ones) who are deceased, it's their way of communicating with you and not to ignore it.

I do believe that dreams are your body's way of dealing with stress and alot of things that have gone unsettled. The mind is a very interesting thing.

P.S. I forgot to vote in the poll. I say "All of the Above"

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Indeed, the brain is a marvelous thing! I used to keep a journal of my dreams on a computer-system disk, at the suggestion of the therapist I'd seen for years at the Vet Center (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs). However, one day I realised that upon my demise somebody might actually read the darned thing — so I erased it and haven't kept such a journal since.

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I had to answer "none of the above". I believe that dreams are a release of the subconscious mind.
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My dreams are so incredibly diverse. I never really have one type of dream.

The past year or so, my dreams are so terrible...I think it's from the meds I'm on. (I don't even remember what they're about! I wake up screaming and my poor babies freak out. I think they've become accustomed to it; because they just look at me with this "why did you do that?" kinda look and lay back down.

Sometimes they go on forever and I think in my subconcious that I should get up and write it down because it's so facinating and what a killer movie it would make. Others are so funny that I wake up laughing really hard! Then when I actually wake up, it's hard to explain to someone why it was so funny if at all...weird..

When I was in my early twenties (a few days ago :laughing2) I dreamed, that I was underwater, and I was holding my breath forever, finally, I had to breath and I just started breathing underwater...what a cool feeling.

Have you ever flown in a dream...that's one of the best feelings ever. I wish I could have a dream like that every nite!

How about those dreams that people say if you fall off a cliff and hit the bottom you'll die...wrong, living proof you don't...What I have determined from that type of dream, for myself that is...is that I have fallen, but I truly do get up off the bed and fall down back on the bed which makes a pretty good thud and bounce when you hit! :laughing2 :laughing2...I think that's what happens anyway...Cause I sure had to get a big bounce off the bed somehow. :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Last but not least...really scarey dreams...oooooooooooo...I mean like ghosts,gobblins, haunted houses, s-p-o-o-k-k-k-k-y.....never had one...:laughing2

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Thank you!


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I've never flown in a dream, as far as I can recall — which isn't very far considering I forget most of my dreams within minutes of waking up. Nor do I recall falling. I've been chased by bad guys to the edges of cliffs (the top edges) many times, but I've never ended up going over. Hmm. Well, there's a first time for everything!

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