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What if he doesn't love me anymore.....

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I sent Emmett off to stay with Maureen for the weekend while I'm in Toronto. What if he has such a good time there he doesn't wanna come home and rather live with Marueen???

Would a cat do that?

I just wanna be prepared if Emmett doesn't love me anymore.
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Seems unlikely. When I go away at weekends my cat is all over my flatmate, but soon as I am back she back to me. Cats know which side there bread is buttered on!
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Last summer I had to give Willow to a friend of mine because I was losing my home. I had no intentions of getting her back. I figured I would let her stay with her new family. well after 4 months of not having her I couldn't handle it any more I had finally gotten back on my feet and had a place of my own again. So I called up my friend and payed her $50 just to get her back. I walked into the apartment she was living and she literally RAN to me and tried to climb up me. I picked her up and she would let me put her down for quiet some time. I know she wasn't treated bad where she was. But she was my baby and I was her momma. Trust me Emmett isn't going to stop loving you! no matter how much fun he has at your friends your still his momma and he knows that and loves you for it. so no worries!!!!
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Awwww he will want to come back.

I used to think that of Rosie when she went into the cattery.

She wouldn't speak or come to me for a few hours because she was huffed but came round in the end

Enjoy yourself!

WILLOWSMOM: Thats so sweet Did you cry when Willow jumped on you because i would have
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Not much of a crier.......I was just so happy to have that I almost just walked out not getting any of her toys or anything! lol just wanted to get her home to give her all the lovins I could give her the whole time she was gone!
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I wouldn't worry too much about Emmett not loving you after his stay with your friend. He might be a little miffed at you for leaving him for a while but he'll come around.
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Willowsmom that is so beautiful. Our cats are little gems. I cannot imagine Emmett not loving you Creepyowl. Enjoy your weekend just as Emmett will enjoy the holiday.
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Don't worrry!! Emmett knows who his momma is! He might be mad at you for leaving him and therefore avoid you the day you bring him home (I always tell my husband that the cats "aren't speaking to us" after we get back from a trip), but he will love you when you get back!!!
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I left Dori for the weekend a couple months ago to go camping.... My situation was a little different because I actually left Dori alone for the weekend with someone to come and check with her each day. She was mad at me the entire day I got back. She avoided me. So if Emmett is "mad" for a day don't be alarmed. He still loves you and that just means he missed you while you were gone. His way of letting you know not to do it again

Willowsmom that was a vey sweet story
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Toes has been living with my parents for almost 2 years now and every time I go back he sleeps with me and snuggles with me like there was never time we were separated. If I send anything to my parents or leave a message on the answering machine my Mom says he has to rub himself all over what I send and he has to listen to my message while sitting on TOP of the answering machine. He talks on the phone to me sometimes too.
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Berkley stayed with my mother for about 2 months while we were in the middle of moving from North Carolina to Florida. She was spoiled by Mom the whole time. When we finally got her back, she was still the same loving Berkley we had always known. The only difference was when she was re-introduced to the other 2 (at the time we only had 2 others), she had to get reaquainted with them which took about a week.

Emmie should be just fine, think of it as a mini vaction for him
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I know when Ken and I went on our honeymoon we left the boys in the care of my brother, we were gone for a couple of weeks. Even though I called and checked on them and all that The Sammycat and Oscar both just about knocked me down when we got home just wanting to give me lovins. Don't worry Emmett will be fine and love you to bits when you are reunited.
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It'll be fine. Emmett will remember who Mum is. He may give you a hard time for a few hours -- just to show you who's boss, and that you mustn't make a habit of this going away nonsense.

When we're away for a few days, there's always one (of three) on hand to make sure that we're not a figment of their imagination when we arrive home, and almost immediately, that one goes out for a few minutes and then comes home. The others take longer to show up. It seems like "Yeah, they're home -- don't make too much fuss or they'll think it's ok to go away."

My old lady, Shasta, was the one for teaching me a lesson. One time in particular was quite amusing, actually. This was while Rob and I were still sharing two households. She knew him well, and while I was away for a couple of weeks, he and my landlord shared visitation/feeding duties. When I got home, Rob picked me up at the airport around supper time and took me home. I opened the door, Shasta was there, she pointedly acknowledged my presence without fuss, and then went to Rob and fussed just as pointedly over him. She followed him around, rubbing and purring and loving him up -- and completely and thoroughly ignored me -- for the rest of the evening. "Oh. So you decided to come home, did you? Well, I know who MY friends are!" She was fine the next day -- back to her usual mushin' with Mum self.

I love a critter with the self esteem to give me a hard time when she thinks I need to be taught a lesson!
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