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Just now seeing this, Sonia. What a scare! I'm so happy Pauie is home safe and sound! You must be so relieved!
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Fantastic news Sonia.
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I am SO happy to hear this!!! I have been thinking and worrying about him ever since I hear he was missing! I am so glad he is home! I have had alot of good news with lost pets this week....one of my best freinds has a little purebreed dog..I can't spell the name...but it is like the Taco Bell dog...(my spelling is awful...chuiwawa?....see...now you know why I didn't try to spell it! ) Anyway...she went on vacation and left the dog (Lady) with her sister in town...werll the sister accidentally let the dog outside...and she was gone. Tammi called all over when she got back, even called the cops to see if anyone had reported a dog loose...nothing. Then the one of the vets called her and said they heard she was missing a dog...turns out that someone from another state, passing through had found the dog and wanted to keep her, but knowing someone probably owned her, they called the cops...the cops said...just take it home with you. And they (cops) said that the day before my friend called them and they said they hadn't heard anything about a dog being found. Geesh!! Anyway...thank God the people knew someone would be missing this dog and turned it in to the vets. They left their name and number so that if noone claimed her, they would come back and get her themselves. So Tammi got their number to call and thank them, and is sending them the monay they paid to have the dog kept at the vets plus a little more. So happy news tonight!! I am so glad you found your Pauie too!!!!!
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