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hunger ??

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Do you ever get hungry for no reason even if you just not too long ago (say, within 4 hours)? I have had this happen for the last week or so, and can't stand it! I drink water, but that still doesn't help! I know it is a mental thing, though. Because if I don't think about it, it goes away. I always thought it was my metabolism speeding up, burning the food off quickly, but I don't think that is really true!
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That tends to happen to me when I'm worried or stressed.
The food I crave is usually some sort of "comfort" food, something buttery, sugary, or fried. Maybe the tension with your mom has something to do with it. My mom sends me on brownie benders regularly.
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Feeling hungry at short intervals could be a sign of wheat (gluten) intolerance or allergy. I don't know what you eat (pasta, bread cereal, etc...), but you might want to be checked for an allergy to wheat....

You can eat a big bowl of pasta and 2 hours later feel hungry.

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