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Hi, I am new to this site. I was browsing the web for answers and was excited to find this site. My name is Fran. My husband and I have two 1yr old cats, Louie and Vinnie. This last two weeks have been a trying time in our household. Louie has just started jumping up on the mantel, knocking pictures off; climbing to the top of the grandfather's clock as well as the tv. Several items have been broken as a result. This seems to happen whenever I am not in the room, i.e., outside or sleeping. He doesn't act this way with my husband or my mom, just me. The "boys" are indoor cats, but I have been putting them on leash and taking them on the back deck in the early morning and evening. Could it be the changes in Louie have come from taking him outside? It seems so coincidental. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?