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I am sorry ; what can I do?

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This morning I was watering my flowers just outside the front windowes and my Sammy was up on the window seat inside. I sprayed the window and scared her to death. She took off and hide under the bed all day . Tonight she came out from under the bed but wouldn't leave the room. I didn't think it would scare her that bad. NOW, she has to go into the vet next Friday to be fixed and I am worried that if she is afraid of a little water on the window what is going to happen when I take her and turn her over to strangers and "they hurt her"? I know it is for her own good but will she ever trust me again?

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Brenda...the answer is YES she will trust you again. Just keep loving her.

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I was VERY concerned when I took my kitty Dori, in to get spayed. I was worried sick she would be mad at me for handing her over to strangers. When I picked her up she was mad at me, and did stay that way for 2 days (she loved on my bf those days but wouldn't let me near her). It was done on Friday, but by Monday she loved me all over again I know it's hard but try not to worry it will be ok
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Brenda I was worried sick when I took little Buttons to be spayed. I too thought she would never love me again. She is the smallest of my cats and I said to the vet "Do you think Buttons is too small for the anaesthetic, shall we postpone it for a few weeks?" The answer was "Stop worrying about Buttons, she is a fine weight, make sure you keep her that way, and she will be all over you when you pick her tonight." A bit of a psychologist too?? She still follows me about like my shadow 'helping' with everything I do. Love her to bits. Will be thinking of you next Friday, please let us know how you get on.
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Awww Brenda please don't worry.

Like everyones said they were the same, and i'm not ashamed to say this but when i handed Rosie over to the nurse i left the surgery crying .

She'll be given pain killers afterwards, and give her a day or two and she'll be herself with you again.

Let us know how it goes because Rhian(Jeeperscat) went through the same just a few weeks ago, and i've got it to come in september when Sophie goes in and no doubt i'll be in tears again .
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Jeepers was totally the other way, when I got her home all she wanted to do was cuddle on my lap and sleep. I brought her home at about 17.30 and cuddled her until she felt like eating (about 11pm). Even if Sammy is a bit off with you at first, it won't be long until everything is back to normal.

Jeepers still loves me even though she had to wear an e-collar for 10 days, because she kept going for her stitches. She kept on the collar until they came out unless I was about to closely supervise her.
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Thanks for all your support.

I worry more about Samathia "sammy" because she is my baby. The kids found her abandoned before her eyes were even open. I bought milk supplement at the cost of $7.40 per 8 oz and feed her by bottle. I stimulated her so she could learn how to go to the bathroom by herself. I bathed her and got up every three hours at night to make sure she was feed and warm. I feed her for 9 days before the eyes opened and only then did I dare to hope that she would make it.

The Vet told us that she has a tiny hole in her heart and that was probably the reason the mother abandoned her.

My daughter took one of her cats in to be fixed and went on to work. She got a call a short time later that Annie had died on the table. She was heart broken and altho I know that this surgery is done all the time with great success I guess because of my special bond with Sammy I will worry til I get her home. And yes I will probably cry too.
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Awww Brenda i feel like crying with you

Like any operation theres always a risk, but remember they do spaying and neutering every day.

I can only imagine the special bond that you have with sammy after what you've done for her

Keep us informed of everything like Rhian did, from taking sammy in to picking her up.

It's 2pm here in the UK so hopefully by this time next week it should all be over for both of you and you can breath a sign of relief
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Brenda the bond you have with Sammy is so special, and you are bound to be worried. If you need to cry let it happen. I will be praying for little Sammy and looking out on here to see how she is. You have got all of us here batting for you.
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Well, this morning was the day Smokie Jo and Samanthia was suppose to have their little operation.

We took their food and water away at 8:00 last night and this morning they were not happy campers. They wanted fed and screamed all the way to the vet.

Smokie Jo stayed and I am waiting the call that she came through everything okay, however, they refused to do my Sammy. The vet checked her out and says she still has a murmer and I would have to take her elsewhere.

I called the vet that we first took her to when I was bottle feeding her and he told me that on a scale of 1-6 that Sammy had a rate of 1 murmer as a small kitten. He wantes to do an echo-gram at the tune of $275.00 and another $115.00 to spay her AND no garentees. Now what am I going to do?

I live on the south shore in Massachusetts. Any subjections welcome.There is a cat hospital in nearby Taunton ran by a Dr. Collins and when I called there they told me about the same thing so I guess no matter where I go it will cost about the same.
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Awwww Brenda i don't know what to say except as if you havent had enough stress

I'm sure the others will be able to advise on this subject
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