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Is Snowball grieving?

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Hi everyone

About 10 days ago our cat Midnight had to be put to sleep. Since that time Snowball has been acting normally except for one thing. His energy level has been slightly lower and he hasn't been making any of his usual high speed dashes around the house.

This evening I got out Snowball's favorite wand toy that he just loves and started playing with him. Before Snowball started playing, he seemed to be looking around for Midnight and he didn't have his usual interest in his toy. When he did play for a short time he seemed disinterested.

I think Snowball is grieving but I'm not sure. I have heard of animals grieving before but I haven't actually seen it and I don't want to neglect Snowball's health. I would appreciate some insight from others.
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I think cats do grieve. Snowball might benefit from some extra petting and quiet time spent together. He probably needs some time to adjust.
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Poor Snowball - I think it is natural that he misses his companion. Yes, I believe that animals grieve - after all, who has a bigger heart than our little kitties?
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Michelle and Debra - Thank you for your helpful insights.

My son spent about three weeks developing a strong bond with Snowball before we adopted him from a litter of kittens.

The day after I posted my message, I mentioned Snowball's recent behavior to my son, (we are seldom home at the same time and don't get to talk much anymore), and learned something new. Since Midnight's death, Snowball has been demanding--and receiving-- lots of extra cuddling and attention from my son. So now I am confident that Snowball is grieving.

Thanks again
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Just thinking, and not to push anything on you that you don't want, but maybe another companion cat would be good for Snowball? Another feline friend might help him get over his loss.
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