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Cat Food choices??

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I'm bowing down in front of you to ask what cat food you recommend that is good and inexpensive. Petsmart has their brand, Authority. Is that a good food? The reason I ask is that Petco's food runs almost 30 bucks for a large bag (any brand) and Petsmart is quite a ways away from me. I want my older cat to start a little better than Meow Mix. I've used Authority before.

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I feed Dori Science Diet adult, my vet reccomends it and I think it's a mid-priced brand. I like it alot, Dori likes it alot also. Some think it's not 'great' but my opinion, for all it's worth, it's a good food.
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I just adopted a cat a couple of months ago. I looked at all kinds of cat food and the food my cat loves best is "Wellness" salmon, turkey & herring oil formula. They have dry and canned food. It's all natural and this food has no meat by products. My vet recommends this brand of cat food. If you don't find it in Petco or Petsmart, go online under Wellness cat food and maybe they can tell you what pet stores in your area carry it. It may be a little pricy but it is well worth it. Good luck.

Maui Cat
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At PetsMart these are the top food choices;

- Authority ( Great food, inexpensive )

- Bil-Jac (Great Food, expensive)

- BLUE ( Awesome food, expensive )

- Royal Canin ( Great food, expensive )

I have used Authority MANY times and I love the results my cats got! They had silky, shiny, soft coats within a week, their stools were firmer, and less smelly, and they had loads of energy. If I were choosing between these four foods, I would pick BLUE. The ingredients are awesome! Good luck!
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Rosie has Purina Natural Balance.

Sophie has Hills Science Plan for kittens

Here in the UK their a lot more expensive than some of the other brands you can get, such as Whiskas, Go Cat and Felix which are half the price because there's more animal parts in them
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