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It seemed to go along with the theme of the thread, and I was curious as to why you haven't had him neutered. Since he's not an offender in the house I guess it makes sense. He sounds like an indoor kitty anyway, so I guess there really isn't much of an unintentional breeding argument to be made for neutering him.

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Yeah, well not anymore anyway. Like I said he used to be and outdoor cat, but its only been the past couple of months that hes indoors. I personally think thats plenty of time to show how he does indoors, so Im confident he'll stay indoor friendly.
Thanks for understanding

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Originally Posted by Cougar
Well MissKitty was already spayed when we found her. Mac is not neutered. He is actually our only cat that has not been fixed. All our others in the past were.

Must be a male testosterone thing In the same way men balk at vasectomies!
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lol, yeah probably.

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That's the whole reason that Utah started the Hooters for Neuters program. This was from last year:

Hooters for Neuters
No More Homeless Pets in Utah
With the tagline “Real Men Neuter Their Best Friendsâ€, the upcoming Hooters for Neuters promotion is sure to cause a stir. The event is a not-so-subtle attempt to persuade macho men to neuter their macho pets.

The promotion, scheduled for September 19th and 20th, pairs The Big Fix on Tour, our mobile spay/neuter clinic with the Hooters restaurant in Murray, Utah. The neutering extravaganza will feature discounts, Utah Grizzlies prize packs, free food, Hooters women, and signed Hooters merchandise.

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Lol, yeah thats was intersting. How well did that go anyway?

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From what I read..I think it went really well!

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Whole (non-neutered) males have a much stronger urge to roam. I have read that on average, non-neutered males were found to have patroled territories 10 times larger than those of neutered males. So, if you keep a whole male outdoors (or allowe him outdoors), he is 10 times more vulnerable to the dangers of the outdoors (cars, dogs, humans, other cats etc). Non-neutered males that are kept indoors only, are very likely under a lot of stress, not having a large enough territory inside the home.
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