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Hmm where did the thread starter go?


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Originally Posted by Mom of Franz
Hmmm... Catman has dropped his little bomb and ran..., true troll behavior!
Yeah...I noticed that, too... well, the level of responsibility seems to be consistent.
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Look at it this way- this is a great post for education purposes-
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Hmm.... ummm..... yikes... best I stay out of this argument.
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Originally Posted by hissy
Look at it this way- this is a great post for education purposes-
Ya got a point there, Judge!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Please note The Cat Site Forum Rules:

With 4-5 million companion animals put to death each year in shelters, and countless millions more dying in untended feral colonies, by disease, by animal cruelty, by car, etc. I can find absolutely NO justification for NOT spaying or neutering your cat or dog unless involved in a respectible and responsible purebred breeding program.

Do not impose your morality onto animals who do not share it. Cats do not have the same machismo importance conferred to their reproductive organs that humans, especially males, do.
100% in agreement! And an added note: There are people who are quite willing and able to take in a stray/feral animal, but who simply don't have the "ready cash" to have the animal neutered. You can make a difference by donating the funds/sponsoring the "fixing". Contact your local shelter for details, or make donations to organizations carrying out neutering actions in countries where it is uncommon.
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You know, some days, like today, (it's been one of THOSE days) I feel as though about the only sane place is here with you all. (Well all of you who are still here, hehe!) I'm so glad to have found TCS, and knowing the rest of you are around, helping cats, too, really keeps my spirits up!

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Linda we do try. Some have said that we are over the top in our mission, but if we can get the word out and often times what is said here does change people's minds. Then it is worth all the hassle gone through to get the message out.
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It's a great forum with more information and experience in one place than you can find going to 10 other sites on the net combined. Threads like this, while they may have been started to be controversial also give a lot of insight and information.

We think we may have a stray that's adopting us. lol
Cute little booger. We'll update when he "officially" joins the family.

Sue and Jeff
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MA, I agree. I don't think TCS is over the top but is strong in it's views and statements. As you and I have both said here, there are no words to express how one feels when a kitten or cat dies in your arms because he has been dumped, neglected or abused by a human being.
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LOL Tania I just noticed you sig line- LOL

Speaking of kittens check you email- no I didn't email you a kitten!
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Too many cats in world not spay/neuter. So hard to find homes for them. The animals services here Ireland so bad. People just dont care, i always tell people to get them done. It works out better this was way. It makes me mad too see them dumped bags or on the road in some cases.
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Thread Starter 
sorry for not repling, my internet wasnt woking for a while.

after reading every single post to this thread, ive changed my mind. ok, ill get my two kittens spayed, and if my cat gave birth to kittens, id keep them until i can find them good homes. my cat did have 32 (not at the same time, in 3 liters) kittens when we found her, so now my town is fully populated with cats. by the way, who voted to not spay/nueter them?

it took me a while to read all of these posts, so i will try to get them fixed if i have the money, i hope so...
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My last apartment complex had too many feral kittens running around! And since it was against the lease agreement, the complex security set traps for stray cats. I was told that some of the personnel, you know - the not cat-friendly types, would sometimes drown kittens they caught in the lake!

I can't stress enough the importance of having your pet fixed. There is nothing at all over the top about this issue.
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Well, I am glad you have learned that! That's great! I commend you for that! They say there is no worser blindness than that of he who does not want to see. You are not one of those.

If you are a bit short on money, you should check out the shelters on your area. Most offer a low cost spay/neutering... I think its about 25 dollars or something like that.

I would also like to know who voted not to spay neuter... wondering who it may be?

My vet charges $100 for spay, and $60 for neuter.
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I'm very glad you have changed your mind about spaying/neutering your kittens.

There are a lot of low cost spay/neuter programs out there, just takes a little bit of digging. To help in that aspect, we have put together a page of resources for anyone who needs a place to start looking at Save Samoa.
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Congratulations, Catman, and thanks for being open to another point of view. In light of that, I'll retract my remark about levels of responsibility. Hope you find an affordable spay/neuter service without difficulty -- and scritches for the kitties.
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I just want to say thank you for changing your mind as well Catman. I suspect a troublemaker voted no just to keep the board stirred up. It was and is a great educational thread and I agree with Tania, we are not over the top in believing in spaying and neutering, we are just firm in the resolve to get the word out and prevent unneccessary misery.
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I'm going to take the liberty of linking to a post from another forum, in the hopes that it might change some people's opinions:

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I promise it was not me who voted No...I didn't vote...LOL

The health benefits of S/N greatly outweigh the small risk to the animal from the surgery itself. There are few arguments against S/N, and the most notable is for Responsible Breeding (duh?).

You're making the right decision Catman7766, and as others have said, I commend your ability to patiently and civily 'argue' the pros/cons of S/N. People with this ability are what make this group so great. We may get a bit excited sometimes, but when the dust settles back down we can still shake hands and be friends.

I look forward to your future posts,


PS Please keep us updated on the progress of your kitties when they go through their surgeries.
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I was one of the voters against it. The "never will" doesn't apply, just the never did.

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Just a little clarification questions for you Brandon:

So you got your kitties already S/N?

If you were to get a kitty that was still sexually intact, you would indeed get them S/N?


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Well MissKitty was already spayed when we found her. Mac is not neutered. He is actually our only cat that has not been fixed. All our others in the past were.

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Mac is not neutered. He is actually our only cat that has not been fixed. All our others in the past were
Please have him fixed
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Originally Posted by Catman7766
I want to know if you beleive in spaying or neutring, i surly dont. only if htey can do it at there pleasure. i dont interfere with their personal lives.

Thanks for the laugh.
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Yeah, real funny.
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Brandon...do you have any problems with Mac...him being intact and all?

I'm curious

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What do you mean by problems? Medical, behavioral? Other than spraying and the occasional bite, no. We used to have him outdoors, but now he spends most of the time inside. He doesn't even seem to like spraying indoors, just like on my cars tires, and the trampoline, etc when he goes outside.

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That's what I meant, sorry for being somewhat vague.

Thanks Brandon,

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No problem. May I ask why you wanted to know? Not being intrusive, just wondering.

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