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Does anyone know of a kitty-safe ant killer?
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Hmm I dont, but if you are trying to keep them away from Kitty's food, you could put the food bowl in a shallow pan of water. Ants wont be able to get to it that way.
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Spray ammonia around the outsides of your doors? It keeps the ants from coming in if you do it every day.
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I saw an ad for "bugsrdone" that is supposed to be non-toxic, safe around pets and humans. Go to bugsrdone.com. I meant to order it myself but chicken out every time. It's hard for me to believe that anything that kills bugs is safe for pets. But I've heard from other people that organic pesticides really work and are safe.

IIRC, it's made from extract of orange peel(???) and some other ingredients, but I don't recall them mentioning what the other ingredients are. I think this is what made me nervous.

Jill and Candy
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This thread has some Kitty safe ant killing ideas.
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An exterminator recently suggested vinegar around doors and windows for keeping ants out. I haven't tried it yet though.
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Why kill them? And yes, this has been covered in the other thread. Try the cream of tartar, red chili powder, paprika, dried peppermint, vinegar...it won't kill anyone
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Originally Posted by Weatherlight
Why kill them? And yes, this has been covered in the other thread. Try the cream of tartar, red chili powder, paprika, dried peppermint, vinegar...it won't kill anyone
Or cinnamon.
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I read the posting about the "Bugs R Done" and I've also been to the website and I think you did well by not purchasing their "organic pesticide." Unfortunately, most companies are more concerned with profits than your cat's health. They may claim to have a safe and organic product, but unfortunately the truth lies buried in the details.

Commercial orange oils (the ingredient in Bugs 'R' Done) from large-scale citrus plantations are almost always tainted with intolerably high concentrations of known and unknown pesticides. So, the label reads "organic," because the ingredients come from natural sources. But, these natural sources are no longer natural, industrial fields of oranges have been manipulated to the point that they require high dosages of toxic pesticides to survive.

Limonene should be the main component in true orange oil, and it has insecticidal properties, but very low toxicity to humans and our animal friends. To further complicate things, oil can be extracted from the flowers, the peel, and the orange itself, all of which have extremely different components. I'm a chemist, and I have a tendency to go way too far into details. So, I will stop right now and give a simple and safe alternative to the commercially marketed Bugs R Done.

First of all, LESS is better. A label full of unknown ingredients is unnecessary, we want to know exactly what were exposing are kitties to. The only thing you really need to buy is pure essential orange oil. Don't go to the store or the mall looking for it. There are 2 sources that I trust for purchasing essential oils, and I've been buying from them for years. My favorite is Aroma Land. Go see their website at www.aromaland.com. The other is Aroma Vera, and they are at www.aromavera.com. They supply only the best and purest oils in the world. They may seem expensive, but 1/2 oz bottles usually last for a couple of years for me, and I use them quite often. And, I want only the best for those that I love.

Once you obtain the orange oil, get a spray or spritzer bottle and fill it with water. Add 10-20 drops orange oil, and you're done. You know exactly what you have, and that it is very safe for you and your kitties. I know that its hard to accept that anything that could kill insects could be safe for animals. But, we give our animals antibiotics when they get sick, and the only way for that to work is if the antibiotic kills the bacteria, and causes no harm to the animal.

This is only one method that I use for ant/insect removal, I actually have much better ones that are just as safe, but I've practically written a novel here, so if anyone has actually read through this and would like some more ideas on safe and effective insecticides, just post something.
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