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me and my boy george

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hi everyone we are new but wondered if anyone has traveled a long way with there beloved cat?
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welcome to the site
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Welcome to the site! I haven't traveled more than to the vet and back with my kitties, but I know there are people here who have made some long journey's with their animals, mainly moving. If you do a search for Moving with Cat I'm sure you will find some very helpful threads.
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Welcome to the site...haven't traveled with my cats. Always have someone come in and look on them when I go away.

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I will be traveling tomorrow to our new house 4.5 hours away. Not extremely long per se, but I am sure it will be longer than my 3 kitties will like!
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Welcome! I take my kittens to the pet store whenever I go there. My adult cats just travel with me to the vet. Enjoy your stay!
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Welcome to TCS.
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Hi there - I am new to the site as well.

I moved from the southwest to the northeast with my husband & 2 cats. Because of them, we chose to drive. I was too wary of sending them on a plane. Although there appear to be some good animal transport services out there - they are also $$.

The drive was definitely an experience as neither cat was used to riding very far. We started out with each in a soft carrier buckled into the rear seats. By the end of the trip both cats were allowed to roam free. Their sanity, as well as ours, proved to be of greater importance than the secure safety of a buckled carrier. Both cats began to moan and rub fiercely against the carrier after the first day (which was relatively quiet), which is why we let them loose... I have many more travels details if nay of this pertains to your question. Hope this was helpful!
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Welcome to the site.

I don't know if it's a long distance but we have on more than one ocassion taken my parent's cat down to our farm which is an hour and a half away from their home. Normally we make cats travel in a pet carrier but she seems to do better if she's free to look out the window so normally about halfway through the trip we let her roam the car for a while.
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thanz a bunch for reply. i live in a little one horse town in rural ireland. we are about to make a great adventure and go live in Australia even though George is 10 years old. we ae in our sixties so we can not go without him. it will be about 12 thousand miles away. i have to give my beloved mickey away because i knew he would not make the journey he was 12 years and had been doused in pertol as a little kitten so his nerves were very bad. oh i am going on please excuse me. love annie.
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I did come from Germany to the usa in 92 and took my Persian with me . The first fly was 12 hours and he was fine with that , the 2nd fly was like 2 hours and a small air craft and there he was a little nervers but ok . After staying for 4 weeks at my inlaws we were draveling from Massachusettes to Georgia , a 3 day trip , well we took it slow . He was in the car the hole time and just fine . I have to say that he was younger then your cat and also he had to dravel in the airplain in the cargo or how ever you call it . Now in these days you can take the carrier in front of your seat if your carrier is not to big .
You can tell us all about your sweet cats and we don't mind here if you go on and on and on talking about them .
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Hi, I'm new to the site too. We took our 18 year old caloco named Patches to Florida by car 3 yrs ago and as long as we didn't put her in "THE CAGE!!!!" she was fine. her favorite spot is in my lap. Unfortunately this means that when we stopped to eat, I was wearing fur pants! She's almost 21 now and still likes to go in the car to visit friends (as long as they don't have any cats or dogs...after all SHE is a llittle old lady in a fur coat, not a cat!)
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