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cats and human foods

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While I am sure most here have encountered this before, I thought to ask again. My question concerns what human foods a cat shouldn't eat. My cat gets regular cat food and all, but does not hesitate to snack on whatever she can get, to include coffee, wine, cheesecake, macaroni and cheese, any red pasta sauce, french onion potato chip dip, ice cream, and pretty much anything else she thinks would be good.

Being a tolerant person, I let her at least taste the assorted foods/beverages and on rare occasions give her some as a treat. While I am aware about the whole balanced diet thing, my cat will snack as much as I do, that's life. But I also know that since fowl bones and chocolate is very bad for dogs, there stands to reason that there are other foods very bad for cats.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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I don't think that you should worry,I feed my cat with some of my own food,but he doesn't eat the kind of stuff that yours does!Mine has a special preferance in fried chicken,boiled chicken,chicken soup,chicken everything but he doesn't eat chicken in cat food or in crackers!He also prefers ham and delicatessen stuff!One day I found him eating chocolate cake that I had just taken out of the oven!
(I got really angry at that time!)
Well who doesn't feed his/her cat with human food?!When the cat comes under the table and stared just right in your eyes,you just can't resist giving her something!
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Hi coffepaw,

There was a thread about this issue. You may want to look at it maybe.


Love & Peace...
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Coffeepaw - first of all, what a great name!
My little ones prefer a snack now and then of our human food. Variety is the spice of life now, isn't it?
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Debra myers - Glad to hear you enjoy the name - its actually a title my cat was recently dubbed with, due to her tendency to drink coffee by dipping her white paw into it, licking the coffee from it, and repeating til she's had her fill (or until I finish the coffee, after all, it IS mine).

Dodo - I tried that thread you posted, but all it did was lock up my computer. I will try it again later. Well, I tried it again, but it failed, so I searched the board and found what I suspect you tried to link me too - a post about tuna, mostly, but touching on other foods, as well.

Thanks though.
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I hit the thread - it is the one on tuna you found.
Jump to the lounge forum and introduce yourself for a real good old fashioned catsite welcome!
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Yeah, that was the one I was talking about.

Other than the things written in that thread, I think cats can be given most human food (some occasionally)...

I don't like the idea of feeding them with table scrapes. (it shouldn't be more than 15% of the cat's daily cat food). Once in a while, I give whatever they want from our plate in only miniscule amounts.

Chocolate is bad for cats as it is for dogs.

Love & peace.
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