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biting while brushing

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Bailey loved brushing for the year we've had her, but now she is turning on me if I brush her for more than a minute or so. I'm using the same brush. I try to read her mood so I stop brushing in time, but I'm not doing well. Of courwse the answer is to stop brushing her, but this time of year she is shedding SO much that I'd have hair all over the place. Anyone else dealt with this?
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It could be caused from over-stimulation- and she is probably responding to all the pheremones that are floating around. Try grooming gloves, and try brushing her gently or use a zoom groom on her.
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Not sure about the "pheneromes floating around." I've tried the gloves which is doesn't like, and I can use the Zoom Groom for a very short little while.
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Sam bites if I brush him with anything but a flea comb. He always has been bossy, but he won't give an inch on this one. So thats what we use. It takes longer to brush him, but he enjoys it.
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Willow loves getting brushed, but since she's so macho, she just walks away after a few minutes. No biting from her. But I just follow her around and give her a stroke with the brush every now and then. That way I can brush without overstimulating her.

Buffy, on the other hand... Buffy is a biter. If I brush too long, she'll turn around and start staring at the brush. If I don't stop, she'll start grabbing at it with her teeth, and she'll try to drag the brush so that its in front of her. Then she'll do her best to run away. So I do the same thing with her that i do with Willow, giving a stroke of the brush as she walks away. With Buffy, I have to be more subtle, giving no more than one stroke every 10 seconds. With Willow, it can be one stroke every 5 seconds
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