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Strange behavior, need advice

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I know many have written on this subject but I think I may have a combined behavior problem..... when I had to move back home with my four cats, momo and dads four took to the situation rather well, we thought everyone was adjusting well, but now six months later there are problems. Their female absolutly hates my cats and beats the crap out of them every chance she gets, my cats are now terrified of her and run whenever they see her comming. Another of their cats, Ray has recently started spraying everything from the furniture to the doors (even my entertainment stand) this is very unusual because none of our cats have ever sprayed. I feel this could have somthing to do woth the new furniture we just got, but if he sprays it again I'm not sure I can save him from the wrath of the parental types. We don't so much mind on the stuff that can be wiped down, but the urine deterants haven't worked so far so I am a little apprehensive about the feliway, does it work the same way that urine deterants do? We did solve the clawing problem with softpaws, figure they are going to scratch anyway, so we just capped them all. I have had cats for abot 17 years (one or more) and must say that this present situation perplexes me as I have never had this problem before... please, any advice would be greatly welcomed.
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Are all your cats spayed and neutered?
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yes, everyone is spayed and nuetered. We started at a TNR colony but have had better luck at rehabing the cats to be indoor/indoor and out door cats. We have not added anyone to the indoor crew in a long time ( thought that might be a cause) I have noticed that if we leave or go outside for anything he will immediatly spray the door we went out of, and if we use a different door to come back in, he will spray it too.
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Has the sprayer been to the vet and been checked by a needle draw for a UTI? If you don't use the right enzyme breakdown and you don't get all of the urine, ferals even rehabilitated ones, will return to the exact same spot three days later and pee again. Male cat urine goes a long way (you would be surprised) Invest in a black light, or a black light flashlight available at PetSmart and check your home in the blackness of night. Every spot that glows, hit with Nok-Out.

Use a comfort zone room diffuser by Farnum Pet and also use Bach Flower Remedies Little Big Cat makes a special blend called Feline Training that is used just for that purpose. You can find the link on meowhoo.com under Behavior and training. The aggressive cat problem can also be resolved with comfort zone and a mixture from Little Big Cat. It sounds to me that disrupting these cats routines has put them all into a tail spin. Plus this is the time of year when if a cat is going to have behavior problems it will because of kitty season and all the sexual pheremones floating in the air.

Good luck!
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Thanks Hissy I will try those. The thing is the disrpution happend so long ago. We have the black light and had not had a problem until just this past three weeks or so, of course because it was so unusual we took him to the vets the same day and had tests run (i am such a worry wort) the vet said it must be behavioral, so I will try the advice you gave, something has to work at some point....Right?
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Spraying can be territorial aggression, a UTI a reaction to just being kitten season even in neutered cats. The more cats you have, the more problems you will encounter, because each cat needs their own space, and encountering others scent in what they consider their space will trigger this type of behavior. They are simply trying to claim the place as theirs. It is also possible old pet smells are in the house and that could trigger it. They can't see the enemy, but they smell them, and people just don't understand how intense a cat's scent is. You could change litter on them, and they might not like it and in return will start acting out and fighting amongst each other. There are just so many reasons behind spraying, and you really have to become a sort of detective to try and figure this out. Plus if you get frustrated and yell or clap your hands, that will only intensify the behavior.

I hope you find something that works-
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I think that is also what happened to Pete. He feels that he is low man on the totem pole (he is) and he feels he has to make a statement. That statement is to pee on my bed. The rational is; something in this house is going to belong to me. I wonder if that might be part of the problem?
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