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Has anyone??

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Has anyone heard if kezzer had her baby? I was just wondering she is due September 7. That was yesterday.
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I'm still around and no baby. I'm dying, I can't take it any more. I took a 2 hour bumpy ride with my friend the other night and stil nothing.
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There is a pizza parlor in the next town, and they swear if you order their Granny Delight, you will give birth in 12 hours! The old italian mamma doesn't give her secret ingredient out, but I have heard it works wonders. Mamma has 12 kids, so I know she has experience in that! Hmmm- maybe they deliver? *EG*

Hang in there, the baby will come soon.
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Linguini with clam sauce worked for me! Thought I was having indigestion then got a baby about 6 hrs later.
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Well I'd try it except I don't like clams. I went for a walk last night. Was trying to powerwalk as much as I could, but it's really difficult when the best walk you've got is a full force waddle! Well today would be perfect. 9-9, also it's my grandparents anniversary and my grandfather is no longer with us and the baby's middle name is his middle name. His first name just didn't work with our last name so it was the best we could do. So I'm hoping today will be the day.
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Kezzer - I will keep my fingers crossed for you that today is the day!
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Kezzer, I hope you don't think I am being rude,....

Sex. It can help to start uterine contractions and there is a chemical or hormone that is transferred that can act in a similar (but more gentle) way to prostiglandin (sp?)

Either way, baby will come when he or she is ready. Stephi, my first, was a WHOLE week overdue. Yes it was the longest week of my life!

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I think hubby may like me tonight!

I really feel for the women who are up to 2 weeks late. I couldn't imagine and I'm only 2 days late!
post #9 of 21 thoughts are with you!!! Hope you have good luck and go into labor soon!
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Sorry I missed the answers to my post I was having my baby!!! Kezzer I am so sorry you have not had the baby yet. I hope by now you have!!
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Nope, still no baby. I have a nonstress test and ultrasound scheduled for Friday if I haven't had him yet. Depending on the results I may be induced. Today at my appointment I wasn't even dilated anymore.
post #12 of 21 prayers are with you...keep us posted.
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Kezzer; My Mom who had 6 kids always said that 2 TBSP. of Castor Oil will do the trick!
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I've thought of it, did some research online about it, thought about it some more, almost bought a bottle, but decided against it. I don't like the whole general idea of what it is used for. And knowing my luck i'd take it, go into labor and then it wold kick in while trying to deliver.
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Raspberry tea! I went to Starbucks the night before I want into labor and the day I went into labor. I got this new drink called Tazzoberry. It is raspberry and tea. It is like a smoothie. I was told last year raspberry tea would work. I drank the Tazzoberry drink and I had my baby that night.
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Well I finally started having contractions. For over an hour now, at 10-5 minutes apart. Some strong, some not, but they are frequent and so far keep coming. Up until now I have just had one here or there and that would be it. I don't want to say too much, I don't want to jinx it, but hopefully this will be it.
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Ooooh! I hope this is it! Have a wonderful and easy birth! I'll be thinking about you and I can't wait to hear from you when you get back!
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Good Luck, Kezzer. . . . . I hope when I come back on later this morning you will have Good News for us! Not that I expect you to post it right away, but you know what I mean. . . . Take Care!
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Best wishes Kezzer!! Hope all goes well for you!! So exciting!!

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Good Luck Kezzer!!! I hope you have an easy labor!! I went to the hospital when mine were 5 mins apart.
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I am so happy for you Kezzer!
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