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I don't see that one, but I see one for a dating service

I know you were talking to Susan, I am just teasing
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I can see it, I can see it! Thanks Anne-
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CASPER: You need to think of a better excuse than that one for me because i'm on TCS during lunch as well!

Maybe i'll stick to the pretend faint!
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Rosiemac, as long as you do at least an hour's work for the day, you're covered. Hee! Hee!
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Well, i suppose an order typed onto the screen, then a visit to TCS, an order typed on to the screen, a visit to TCS etc....

Yeah thats about an hour ok
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There are some employers here in the states who frown on surfing the net all day unless it's work related. I guess TCS must be work related, right? Hee! Hee!
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And you have to be a step ahead just incase anyone comes into the office.

E.G. Make sure you have papers in front of you to make it look as if your doing something, keep your finger on the mouse ready to click the screen over from TCS to the sales ledger.

I'm a natural at it can't you tell?!
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Just make sure your employer doesn't, all of a sudden, purchase that software to spy on your surfing activities remotely. Then if you do something someone doesn't like, they bring out your surfing activities and use them against you. Have fun, but be careful Rosieo.
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I accidently left TCS up on my screen for a minute the other day when I went to send a fax. My boss went to my desk for something and started laughing. I was on the caption this screen and it was the one with the orange cat with the bandana on it's head. We got into a conversation as to why cats make better pets than dogs. (he likes my cat though, as I have brought her to work with me a few times, he walked in once she was sitting on his desk )
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