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Downloading Flash Player......

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Hi Anne.. Just seen you're online so I'll ask you this now. Everytime I turn to a new page of this site, it comes up with the annoying message of "Download Macromedia Flash Player" and each time I press no. It only pops up when the add is for Aromatherapy Catnip Balls, and that add wont load until you've made your decision. My computers not letting me download it, so that's not an option and it has never happened on another site before.. Thanks for any help.

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Aaaaargh me as well!.

I thought it had something to do with the new computers my company has just got.

Someone at work said it would only go off if i pressed the "yes" button for it to download on to the computer, but with it being a company computer i'm scared to in case anything happens with our system.

Mine comes on every thread i go into?.
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Sounds like that the flash player is specifically for the ad. I have not had this problem because I already have flash player - once you download, it will install into your browsers and it won't ask you again, it is just a way for you to see things.

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I have a popup stopper installed in my browser. If you can get one of those from your ISP provider, it will eliminate most of your problems. Anne, may not like it because she's trying to support the site.
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Same thing was happening here... it need flash player to load the ads. I loaded it my boss doesn't really care what I do to the computer. I don't know how strict anyone else's job is, but I think it's safe to say flash player won't hurt anything..... MANY websites ask you to install it, even sites for news and weather....
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I wish I could download the latest flashplayer, but our computer system is locked down tight, and you can't download anything. You have to wait until you get home. Sounds like you got it made, Squirtle.
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If it's 100% cert that it won't harm the company network i'll download, but weve just paid £8,000 for the new system and i'd faint if anything went wrong with it , so if anyone can confirm that this is ok?
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Rosiemac, I don't know how much you know about computers, but if the download doesn't affect your Windows registry, you can probably download it and install it. At least that's the way it works with our network. Anything that seeks to alter the registry will be stopped since the registry is locked down. What a bummer!

If you like to see previews of the new movies that are to come out, there is a good website called apple.com. To view some of the advanced parts of the movies, you must have the latest QuickTime flashplayer. I think our management must know what we are about. Hee! Hee!
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Casper i'm still a novice on a lot of things with the computers and these new ones are even worse with the extras thats on them!.

Just to be on the safe side i'll have a word with the computer boffins in the office
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Ok i hit the yes button to down load, it went off, now wheres it gone and where do i go to find it?
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Originally Posted by Caspar
I wish I could download the latest flashplayer, but our computer system is locked down tight, and you can't download anything. You have to wait until you get home. Sounds like you got it made, Squirtle.
I sure do, I have the best boss.

Susan- I don't want to tell you that I am 100% positive it won't hurt anything, just because I don't want you to be mad with me if something did go wrong.... But I will say that I felt 100% positive that it was ok to download it to my computer But I know that some companies have strict rules regarding the internet, so it probably is a good idea to check.
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Squirtle: Its ok i wont get mad at you

I've hit the yes button and it went off, but where do i go to find where it is now?.

The company is ok with the internet, but we are limited as to what we can do with it such as me sending attachments to TCS. Theres a firewall on it that wont allow me to do this although i can send discs with no problem to peoples e-mail addresses. Thats why Heidi has to put my pics on the site for me.
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All you should have to do is reboot your computer..... unless when it downloaded you told it to save the exe. file somewhere.... do you remember if you hit open or save when the box popped up?
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All i did when it came on and asked if i wanted to download YES/NO, was hit YES and the notice for it went off and i havent seen it since
Aaaaaaaaaargh PANIC!!!!!!!!!
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Don't panic. Just reboot your pc. You don't have to do anything once it's installed, it should just work.
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Macromedia is generally assumed to be safe to download from. They are a well established company.

When I downloaded it, I didn't have to find it again. It is a plugin for your browser, not a full on program.
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Thanks everyone. Panic over.

I just don't like people going into my screen either
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Rosiemac, not to worry. Whenever you need it for some internet application, it will automatically come on and open the application.
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Is it a bit like " Hotmail.Com " ?
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hmmmm hotmail.com is for email right?
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Hotmail.com is web-based e-mail.
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Susan- Is your flash working now? I am just a little confused why you thought it was like hotmail?
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Yea it is So i've re booted and nothing different has happend, so wheres it gone?

I bet your all thinking " is she thick or what? "
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When I downloaded flash, I just rebooted my pc and voila, everything was working. No more pop-ups that I needed to download it or anything. I never had to do any set up, it just started working all by itself
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No, you're not thick. How else can you learn if you don't ask questions? The software has been loaded onto your hard drive. It sits there waiting for a cue to be activated. Assuming your operating system is Windows XP or 2000, you can click on the "Start" button in the lower left hand corner of your screen, then click "Search", then "For Files or Folders", type Flashplayer in the top blank, and see if it tells you where it resides.
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Just had the guy down from sales who explained that it goes into my "systems file"?!, and that i don't need to find it.

I'm a happy bunny now that i know theres no problems

Thanks everyone

CASPAR: Done it!!!!!!. Weve got windows xp and i followed your instructions where this cute puppy was flicking through a book searching the file
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Oh, it can be found, but he's right. You don't want to get yourself in trouble so don't worry about it, as long as you know it works.
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I won't really get into bother, but i'd hate it if it did anything to the software thats on?!.

Like i say, i'd faint, or pretend to
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Oh, you feign ignorance. "Duh! I don't know what happened. It was okay before I went to lunch. It must have been a glitch".
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As far as I know, flash player is a plug-in so I don't think you need to run any exe file. Can you see the catnipetc aromatherapy balls banner now?
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