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my new baby!

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i got another kitten today! now it makes 3. he doesn't have a name yet but i got pics!

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Aaaaww! What an adorable little baby! What do Baci and System have to say about this?
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sooo sweet!!!!! can I rub his tummy???
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Awwwww i love it

Sending kisses for his tummy
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Oh oh oh oh oh oh - how sweet - I just want to give belly kisses
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What a little sweetie pie!!!
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He needs to learn how to relax. He's too tense lol.


Sue & Jeff
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Awww he is so sweet I am also wondering how Baci and System are handling the new addition
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Yup wayyyyyyy to tense
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What a gorgeous kitty! Have you decided on a name yet?
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Oh what a cutie!! That tummy is begging for kisses...
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Awwww, how cute What an adorable kitten
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What an adorable little baby!

Lisa & Sash
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Congrats! He's a cutie

More pictures please
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OMG what a sweetie baby you got .
My congrats on the new kitten
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thanx everyone!!! baci is fine with the kitten. he's actually a little scared of him! i got this kitten from some lady who saves rescues. up in north nj there were people killing kittens and he was the only one left of 4 so he's a pretty tough kitty. when he eats if you go near him he'll hiss at you. not so bad anymore though. and system just goes by him and hiss's then runs away. their both very jelous, but i'm giving them all the same attention so no one gets mad at me! lol
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You're so wonderful to save him! He'll get sweeter when he realizes he's nolonger threatened and in such a loving home! More pictures, please!
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He's a cutie alright. Congrats on your new furball.
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Rub the tummy!!!!! Cute kitty!!!!
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He is adorable! Congrats on your newest addition!
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He's adorable.

How about Lucky for a name?
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