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Tarka's walking!!!!!

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Albeit quite unsteadily and she falls down every now and then. But she is actually walking!!

I am so happy! Here is what happened. I took her for her accuopuncture on Tuesday. It wasn't a very positive session as he said that we had been doing it for 3 months and could extend to 6 but there might not be any more improvement. I said I would definitely go to 6 months. Anyway, he did the accupuncture and then instead of injecting an analgesic (lidnocaine?) into her back, he injected cortisone. We have done this before - but always at the top of her back where the lesion is. This time round he did it there and at her hips at her back legs. It actually hurt her though (which hasn't happened before - maybe her feeling is coming back?). I took her home, no difference on Tuesday night, I was at work yesterday. When I got home last night, she was sitting on a chair - had got up by herself. She then started to walk for me.
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How very fine!
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that is such great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTG Tarka!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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Yeah, Tarka! This is so fantastic!
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Thats brilliant news!!!!!!

And i hope it progresses
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oh how exciting!!
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good news
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Yay Tarka!
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That is great news!
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I got a HUGE smile when I just read the title of this thread. You must have been positively BEAMING!!!!

Way to go Tarka!!
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Yeah - talking about cortison shots - that is where my mom is now getting cortison shots in her back ( she has bad arthritis) . She say it usually takes 24 hrs. for it to kick in and when it does it is a drastic improvement.

Glad this is working so well for Tarka !!
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Oh that is such wonderful news, I am so happy for you and Tarka! Go Tarka Go Tarka Go Tarka!
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Yay!!! Thats great. Way to go Tarka.
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This is the BEST news! Are there pictures too?
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Way to go Tarka
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That's terrific news!
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thats the best news ever - way to go Tarka
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That's wonderful news!!!! Way to go Tarka!!!!!!
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Good Job Tarka!!! I hope that the shots will keep working for her! Are her leg muscles strog enough at this point for her to walk for a long period of time on her own? How long does the shot last for?

Terrific news for you and Tarka!!!
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That is terrific news!!

Way to go Tarka!!!!
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It has been absolutely amazing. From not walking at all, she is now trying to climb up the stairs! Her leg muscles aren't very strong CocoMaui, so she does fall down a lot, but I am hoping that the medication lasts long enough that we can start to exercise her. She has also lost 700g so that might be helping too. I am not sure how long the shot will last. :-( So I am also not getting my hopes up too much. But you never know - this might just be the turning point. Her next accupuncture session is on the 25th and he will repeat the cortisone then. It is just so wonderful to see my little bug walking! What I have been praying for.

Thanks everyone for all your good wishes!
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