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Hi everyone. I am so sad. My parents called and said Krista isn't eating! Because something is wrong with her lower lip/jaw, its swollen. She has been drinking lots of milk and she has been drinking water and she is still playing and wishing to go outside...she just wont eat right now. Has anyone had a cat with a jaw problem? Krista seems to have more things come up swollen on her than a little (her paw, her belly) so that helps me calm down I guess.
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Poor baby! I wish I could make her better! I send my prayers and best wishes to you though.
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I've had jaw problems a couple of times with my cats. One was a dislocated jaw from a fall, another was a problem with the jaw hinge, and another was a chronic inflamation in her gums that caused her to not move her jaw. They couldn't eat very well, and all needed medication to decrease the swelling and/or fight the infection. I hope your parents are taking poor Krista to a vet? She most likely needs medicine!
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I've seen swollen jaws from injury also.

And from an abscessed tooth.

Either way, if the ailment is affecting her ability to eat, she needs to see a vet ASAP.

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So sorry to hear about Krista. It's good to know that she is still taking fluids, but it's very important for her to get to the vet so the problem can be diagnosed and treated! Please keep us posted!
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Awww poor Krista

I hope the baby feels well soon, but keep us updated
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I agree with the others, it's important that your parents take Krista to the vet ASAP. Since she's still drinking fluids, maybe your parents could try adding some warm water to a small amount of moist cat food to make it soupy and easier for her to eat. Please update us!
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Thanks for everyone's response. I had to wait until this morning to call the vet so thats what I am doing now. I read around and I think it might be a tooth problem...which leads me to another question. At the end of april i sent her in for a cleaning and she couldn't because she has asthma and couldn't go under wouldn't they have to put her under to get a tooth extracted?
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I found out that Krista only has a mouth infection...but her teeth need cleaning. She has been given some medicine and she started eating again late last night
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I am glad to hear Krista is eating again. What did the vet say about getting her teeth cleaned, since she has the asthma? Can they put her under the anesthesia (sp?)?
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Yay for Krista!! any word on how the vet intends to accomplish the dental exam?
My Bella had a full dental right before I adopted her last month, and she had to have three teeth extracted (two of her canines!) She still will not eat a lot of kibble, I think because her mouth hurt for so long, and the vet told me at her exam Fri that one of her extractions has not healed closed yet. This may require another dose of anesthesia so they can stitch it closed. Maybe then the kibble won't hurt and poke that tender spot!! I did try the warm water over the kibble, and she wouldn't even touch it.

She loves canned food, though and she's put on weight since I brought her home and started feeding her a regular diet of it - at the shelter she only got it as a treat. She's so petite (6 lbs now, finally!) that feeding her canned doesn't really cost me any more than dry, just makes her poops smellier, but the covered litterbox and filter take care of that!!!
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Glad Krista is being sorted out and getting better. When is she getting her teeth cleaned? Good Krista for eating.
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So happy Krista is eating again! You must be so relieved! Please Keep us posted how she is feeling and when she will be having her teeth cleaned!
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Good news so far...

Keep us posted!

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The doctor listened to her breathing when she was in and she said she is breathing MUCH better than before so I may be able to set up a dental exam for her next week! AND, the doctor gave her medicine in liquid form so my dad just has to get her to open her mouth and squeeze it in. Does anyone know what the average exam with teeth extractions costs? Im concerned, because Im 45 minutes away in college and my parents are having to pay for all this
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Glad she is breathing better.

Depends on the vet on the prices. Ask him for what an estimate if he'll give you one before you have the teeth done and also see if they can have payments done if necessary.

My vet charges $25 for a vet visit (I get a multi cat discount), Dental cleaning is about $110. without extractions, $150. for a minor extraction or two all the way up to more than $300. dollars.
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So happy to hear Krista is breathing much better!
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